Opening of the Centre for EU-Asia Relations

Institute of International Relations is very pleased to announce the creation of the brand-new Centre for EU-Asia Relations! It will concentrate on the whole Asian continent with the exception of the Middle East territory. Our aim is to extend and strenghten the scope of the Asian studies at the Institute and to this task, our internal, as well as the external researchers, will contribute with their proficiency and skills. This way we would like to cordially invite you to the opening ceremony of the new Centre of EU-Asia Relations. 


Date: 18.05.2017
Time: 17:30
Venue: Institute of International Relations, Prague
In cooperation: Centre for EU-Asia Relations
Organized by: Rudolf Fürst

 After the presentation of the new Centre for EU-Asia Relations, policy paper "Partnership between EU and China requires update" will be discussed. Public discussion will follow. 

Rapid increase of China´s investments in Europe indicates continuous convergence of both sides

In contrat to U.S. withdrawal from TPP, China has seized the opportunity to present itself as a global leader endeavouring to extend the realm of the free trade

Brexit spurred the political will in the EU (especially in Germany and France) to put bigger pressure on China to open its market and thus facilitate the flow of investments from the EU. Will Brussels take China at word and opt for more reciprocal relation with allegedly liberal Bejing?

This and more will be discussed at the panel starring:

Rudolf Fürst, Senior Researcher, Institute of International Relations Prague

Gary Lit, Professor, National University of Singapore

Open discussion will follow the presentation and after that you are cordially invited to a glass of wine.

The event will be held in English.