07.08.2018 |
Brand new issue of New Perspectives (1/2018) is now available!
We are delighted to present issue 01/2018 of New Perspectives, a peer-reviewed journal published in English, which primarily focuses on interdisciplinary research of Central and East European politics.
02.08.2018 | Veronika Bílková
Unlawful Killing or Self Defence?
Thoughts on the ECHR Decision in Makarova v. United Kingdom by Veronika Bílková, the head of the Centre for International Law of the IIR for EJIL: Talk! (blog of the European Journal of International Law).
01.08.2018 |
Dr. Matúš Halás has become a new member of our team
Dr. Matúš Halás has become a new member of our team at the IIR and a senior researcher at our Centre for European Security. He previously worked in professional military education, as a lecturer in strategic studies at the Baltic Defence College in Tartu (Estonia) and as an assistant professor at the Institute of European Studies and International Relations in Bratislava (Slovakia).
26.07.2018 |
Zuzana Fellegi has become the newest member of the IIR research team
Zuzana Fellegi, M.A., LL.M. has become the newest member of the IIR research team.
24.07.2018 | Jan Kovář
New article: Czech party positions on the EU’s finality
"Czech party positions on the EU’s finality: a conceptual metaphor approach" is the title of the new article by Jan Kovář in the prestigious Journal of International Relations and Development. Congratulations!
11.07.2018 |
Assoc. Prof. Emil Aslan is now the research director at the IIR
Associate Professor Emil Aslan, Ph.D. has become the new research director at the IIR.
29.06.2018 | Miroslav Tůma
Analysis of the Centre for International Law about US Withdrawal from the JCPoA.
Miroslav Tůma from the Center for International Law writes in his new Policy Brief about the US withdrawal from JCPOA and the international consequences of such actions.
27.06.2018 | Ondřej Ditrych
What Role for the Czech Republic in EU Military Missions?
Policy paper by Ondřej Ditrych seeks to capture how recent strategic trends and Russia’s assertive revisionism in the Eastern approaches – a manifestation of a more general transition of the international system to a less multilateral and more multipolar one, combined with uncertainty about the future role of the U.S. in European security in particular play out in the case of the Czech Republic’s future role in EU military operations in the near- to medium term.
26.06.2018 | Daniel Šitera
Prague European Summit 2018 Study: The Future EU Multiannual Financial Framework
Daniel Šitera coordinated the Prague European Summit 2018 Study - The Future EU Multiannual Financial Framework: A Comprehensive Economic Policy Vehicle to Support a Real EU Added Value. The study was presented on the 2018 Prague European Summit. 
08.06.2018 | Jakub Eberle
Jakub Eberle: member of Executive Committee of the International Association for the Study of German Politics
Jakub Eberle, IIR Researcher, was elected to the Executive Committee of the International Association for the Study of German Politics (IASGP).

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