26.07.2018 | Rina Hajdari
Western Balkans as Russia’s New Anti-Western Playground
Is Russia back to the Balkans? Is Moscow playing the provoking destabilization card in the Balkans’ countries that are still out of the EU’s (and NATO) umbrella in order to return to the region’s identity its famous reference of being “a powder keg of Europe”? If so, this in turn will prevent EU’s enlargement throughout and over the whole region.
20.06.2018 | Michal Onderco
Likely Impact of the Ban Treaty on the NPT Review Process
Mezinárodní Politika has established cooperation with the Peace Research Center Prague, a newly-established interdisciplinary center of excellence at the Charles University, with focus on prevention, management, and transformation of conflicts in world politics. This article is part of the policy brief series published by the PRCP and Mezinárodní Politika. For more information, visit
15.05.2018 | Blair Clark
Scotland’s Future in the UK and Europe
Scotland stands at a crossroads. Following the EU referendum vote in June of 2016, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made it clear that the possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum should not be discounted. But, by voting decisively to remain in the EU and the UK, the Scottish electorate have pushed the SNP-led Scottish government into showing its hand. Given the ongoing political turmoil and the potentially disastrous implications of Brexit becoming a reality, now seems the time to push for independence, but the path leading there is far from clear.
26.04.2018 | Markéta Bajgerová
Korean Summits: Is a ‘Spring Coming’ to the Peninsula?
For the second time in the modern history of South Korea, the Olympic games held on its soil represented a symbolic diplomatic breakthrough. The 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul came down in history as the benchmark of South Korea’s transformation into a global economic power when the international community finally took note of the ‘Miracle on the Han River’. Now, the PyeongChang Games earned the nickname of the ‘Peace Olympics’ as they provided an opening for negotiations regarding the politics of the peninsula after another series of rising security tensions. Though the commentators differed in their predictions on whether the political détente will outlive the games or not, it is undeniable that the Games brought about some unprecedented displays of soft power. The two Koreas marched under the same flag, put together a joint female ice hockey team and a combined Tae-Kwon-Do demonstration, and oversaw a set of art performances by the red-coated cheerleaders.
04.04.2018 | Martin Petlach
Why there has been no general election in Malaysia yet?
Malaysia has become well-known in the field of political science for its extraordinary appearance regarding electoral politics, having utilized a snap election process ever since the nation obtained independence in 1957. Going against this practice, the contemporary PM continues to postpone the date of the general election he is responsible for.  Is there any motivation behind this abnormal action?  Indeed there may be, with at least five key aspects that deserve a mention.
14.02.2018 | Simon Buryan
Fly Ash from Coal Combustion as a New Source of Rare Earth Metals
Rare earth metals (REMs) is a group of elements, which has a strategic usage in the production of high-end technology such as space satellites or defence technologies. Currently China controls the majority of sources producing REMs.
03.01.2018 | Michal Vavřík
19th CPC Congress: Doctrinal Context
Between October 18 and 24, 2017, the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its 19th National Party Congress. National Congresses, recently organized every five years, bring together delegates from various sectors of the party, government, the military, social organizations and the countryside.
19.12.2017 | Michal Vavřík
19th CPC Congress: Winners of the Game of Thrones
On October 24, 2017, the National Congress of the Communist Party ended in Beijing. Apart from dealing with procedural, doctrinal and policy-related issues, the most important decisions concerned personal aspect of Chinese politics.
05.12.2017 | Francis Scarr
Russian Election 2018: Is all as it seems?
On 18 March 2018, Russians will head to polls and Vladimir Putin will undoubtedly be elected as President for another six-year term. Even four months out from the election, few would be foolish enough to disagree with this, and yet, Russia’s political atmosphere feels uncharacteristically on edge. This, of course, cannot be attributed to the expected landslide for the incumbent Putin. Rather a number of trends have surfaced over the last few months and added some intrigue to an otherwise featureless political landscape.
Největší současná humanitární krize v jihovýchodní Asii
Od konce minulého roku se v Rakhinském státě opět zvedla vlna nepokojů a konfliktů mezi tamními muslimy a buddhistickými Rakhinci, kterých je z celkové populace v Rakhinském státě většina. Nepokoje mezi těmito dvěma skupinami přitom mají mnohem delší historii a sahají až do 19. století, kdy do této západní části Myanmaru přišlo několik desítek tisíc muslimů ze sousedních států jako Bangladeš nebo Indie.

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