21.09.2017 |
Russian strategy in the age of Dmitry Medvedev
New article by Lukáš Tichý in the impacted International Politics!
Prague European Summit 2017 spot
Not a pilot year, nor the first annual. It's a tradition! Take a look back on how Prague European Summit has stepped among the main international forums. More intense, but the message remains - to deal with issues that Europe is facing. 
05.09.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Controlling Chaos: How Russia manages its political war in Europe
New report by Mark Galeotti on how Russia manages its political war in Europe written for the European Council on Foreign Relations.
29.08.2017 | Antoine Bousquet
War on Terror and Disappearance of the Battlefield
The Global War on Terror’s policy of targeted killing is transforming the character of war and undercutting the means to regulate it.
New Visiting Fellow
Let us introduce Michael Eric Lambert, the new Think Visegrad Visiting Fellow who will stay with us from 1 September!
03.08.2017 | Tamás Lattmann
New ILR: Preliminary legal opinion from the European Court of Justice
Preliminary legal opinion from the European Court of Justice – maybe green light to the emergency relocation system, hundred meters after having left the crossing
OBOR’s Older Brother
OBOR’s Older Brother: Lessons learned from the China-CEE 16+1 Platform is new analysis written by our Associate Researcher Richard Q. Turcsanyi for the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies (IAPS).
Collective Defence in the Age of Hybrid Warfare
The discussion paper by Benjamin Tallis and Michal Šimečka, senior researchers at the Institute of International Relations, provides a (critical) reflection on hybrid warfare – as both a concept and a practice – in the context of collective security in Europe, and discusses the role of the institutions and policies of NATO, the EU, and Member States.
04.07.2017 | Nicolò Fasola
Zapad 2017: How should the West respond?
Russia’s next wargames do not mean that war is coming.

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