European Security Spotlights

18.07.2017 | Jan Daniel
G5 Sahel Joint Force: European Strategy Should Go Beyond Counter-terrorism
Mali and the wider Sahel region should be provided with more support, but is the new counter-terrorist force what is needed?
04.07.2017 | Nicolò Fasola
Zapad 2017: How should the West respond?
Russia’s next wargames do not mean that war is coming.
26.05.2017 | Benjamin Tallis
Fortress Britain vs. Liberal Britain: Responding Effectively to Terrorism
"With troops on the streets after the Manchester attack, liberal Britain is threatened by harsh (and ineffective) responses to terror," writes Benjamin Tallis in the newest European Security Spotlight related to the possible British responses to the terrorist attack in Manchester.
22.03.2017 | Mark Galeotti
A European Response to Russian Intelligence Activity
Russian spies do not simply gather information, but seek directly to undermine European solidarity, and require a response to match.
26.07.2016 | Ezy Sassoon
Russia’s Nuclear Brinkmanship
NATO's response must consider both military and political dimensions of Russia's renewed nuclear assertiveness.
26.07.2016 | Luboš Fendrych
Deterrence or Resilience?
NATO´s Defence Posture to Russia after the Warsaw Summit
European Re-Engagement in UN Peacekeeping?
"The small and medium European states need to face the unexpected challenges to be effectively involved in UN peacekeeping missions," claim Jan Daniel and Markéta Wittichová in the new European Security Spotlight.
16.09.2015 | Michal Šimečka
NATO's Eastern Promises?
New European Security Spotlight "NATO's Eastern Promises?": Demands for permanent deployment of NATO troops on the Alliance’s Eastern Flank risk divisions at a time when political unity is at a premium.
07.08.2015 | Jan Daniel
Responding to Sousse
New European Security Spotlight "Responding to Sousse: Tunisia Needs Sustainable Economic Development Not a Security Crackdown": It is time for the EU to support initiatives tackling the economic stagnation, unreformed security system and marginalization of peripheries that feed radicalism and violence.
29.04.2015 | Benjamin Tallis
EU Response to the Migration Crisis: Too Little, But Not Too Late
As it faces mounting criticism over its lacklustre response to the migration emergency in the Mediterranean, the EU needs a plan to address causes as well as symptoms of the crisis.

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