Call for Papers: Special Issue - Czech Journal of International Relations

The Czech Journal of International Relations (CJIR) invites contributions to a special issue entitled “Ukraine in Popular Culture”. Russia’s full-scale invasion has shifted the world’s attention to Ukraine and Eastern Europe and their geopolitical importance. While the academic focus has rightly been on the war and its consequences for Ukraine and the world, popular culture is an important conduit of the way the global publics make sense of the recent event. The special issue will carve out important discourses within Ukraine as a state, nation and its regional attachments and how popular culture has been (and is) an important creator of these discourses. Previous work on the Popular Culture and World Politics Continuum (Grayson, Davies & Philpott 2009; Caso & Hamilton 2015) has highlighted that far beyond its representative value, popular culture occupies an important role in making world politics visible, palpable and engaging.

Especially against the backdrop of war, people turn to popular culture to make sense of questions regarding the state, violence, and identity construction. The special issue of CJIR underlines the geographic and political role of not only Ukraine alone but the broader sphere of Central and Eastern Europe, an area that is quite often marginalised in the way International Relations reflect on its history and narratives. Bringing together a variety of themes and analyses regarding the role of popular culture in international politics on the one hand and Ukraine as a cultural and political space on the other is significant because it can help us explore and assess important discourses that shape and create the CEE realm and its politics. The insights provided by the special issue will shed light on the longer culture and history surrounding Ukraine and, ultimately, the reasons for conflict and violence in the region.

You can find all the necessary information in the file and the link below.