Homo Putinicus

Can you define a nation in a law? Vladimir Putin seems to think you can and in advance of National Unity Day called on Russian lawmakers to do so. What is behind the Kremlin leader's call for such legislation?
Is it an appeal to civic patriotism? Is it a message to ethnic minorities that they need to assimilate into a larger Russian whole? Or is it an attempt to create a modern version of Homo Sovieticus, the new Soviet man? Mark Galeotti, our Seniror Researcher, was focusing on these questions together with Moscow-based journalist Anna Arutunyan, author of the book The Putin Mystique: Inside Russia's Power Cult as a guest of The Power Vertical Podcast.

You can listen to the interview from 4 November here.

Dr Mark Galeotti is the IIR Senior Researcher as well as an internationally recognized expert on transnational organized crime, security issues and modern Russia.