Lack of Engagement? The Spectrum of EU Member State Policies Towards Kosovo

What are the current relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Kosovo? Tomáš Dopita (IIR) contributed to the publication "Lack of Engagement? Surveying the Spectrum of EU Member State Policies Towards Kosovo", edited by James Ker-Lindsay and Ioannis Armakolas. This publication provides an overview of information on foreign policy towards Kosovo in nine EU countries, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus and Spain.

You can find the paper here.


Tomáš Dopita, Ph.D., is a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague and soonto-be Editor-in-chief of Mezinárodní vztahy – Czech Journal of International Relations. In his research, he focuses on encounters between collective subjects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, European integration of the Western Balkans, women and gender in international development, and equal opportunities in foreign service.