Migration State of Emergency

The Hungarian government has decided to declare a “migration state of emergency”, a legal option that had been made possible due to some badly criticized changes in Hungarian law during last autumn. Paralel to this, a national referendum is initiated by the government against the obligatory settlement of aliens to Hungary. The interview with Tamás Lattmann examines if the legal conditions of the introduction of this state of emergency are met, its possible legal consequences and the issue of national referenda.

You can watch the interview here.

Tamás Lattmann is also author of an article on the similar topic - Politikai húzás lehet a válsághelyzet bevezetése.

Tamás Lattmann JD PhD is our new Research Fellow and member of the new Centre for International Law of the IIR. His area of expertise is international law and among his areas of interest are for example international public law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, modern international criminal fora, European public law, European Union institutions and law.