New Perspectives Issue 01/2020 Is Out

This year's first issue of the New Perspectives magazine is released. It offers the readers a tour through the brutalist building of the former American Embassy in The Hague, discusses Matthew Kroenig's new book The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy and a feminist exhibition by Saara Särmä.

The first part of the issue is dedicated to the building of the former American Embassy in The Hague. Artworks, photography, prose, academic writing and poetry by various academics as well as artists guide us on a walking tour of this iconic building and provide a wide constellation of interpretations. In the articles, the authors are not only guiding the reader through the brutalist building itself, but use the walking tour to develop deeper reflections about the place's history or the relation between architecture and international order.

In the second part of the issue, you can read seven articles providing different points of view on the new book by Matthew Kroenig The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy which discusses the US nuclear superiority and strategic dominance and advances Kroenig's brinkmanship-superiority thesis. In their articles, various academics provide arguments against the theses in Kroenig's book and try to find gaps in it. One of the articles was written by Ondřej Ditrych, the director of Institute of International Relations.

In the Cultural Cut, artist Saara Särmä presents her art installation called Underbelly. The exhibition reflects on the phenomena of hate mail and online misogyny. She argues that these tactics should be taken seriously as questions of everyday security, because they can prevent academics from doing their job, particularly as publicists.

You can read and download the issue here.