Cherine Hussein Senior Researcher

Cherine Hussein is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague in it's Centre for the Study of Global Regions in the Middle East and North Africa Politics Unit. She holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Sussex. Her research focuses on the politics of social transformation in the Arab World, with a particular interest in the writings of Antonio Gramsci and Edward Said; decolonial thought and the ways in which collective human agency and counterhegemony are theorized in the discipline; as well as the role of organic intellectuals in building movements of resistance. She has lectured at universities in Utrecht and Lund, and was previously the Deputy Director of the Council for British Research in the Levant’s Kenyon Institute in East Jerusalem. She is a member of ISA, BISA and BRISMES, and is the author of The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel: Countering an Illusion (London, Routledge: March 2015).