Geopolitics of the Catholic Church

The main aim of the project is to conduct a comprehensive and complex research of the geopolitics of the Catholic Church.The project will contribute to the debates about the rise of (the influence of) religion in IR, the geopolitical agency of religious communities, and the relevance of the concept

Based on the "turn to religion" in the discipline of international relations, the project will explore the geopolitics of the Catholic Church. Theoretically, it will rest on three innovations: 1) the combination of elements of classical and critical geopolitics, 2) a focus on both the Church hierarchy and popular geopolitics, and 3) research on both Western and non-Western Catholicism. Specific attention will be dedicated to some under-researched aspects of the topic (Catholic social networks and media, Catholic women and youth, and the geopolitics of non- Western Catholic communities). Methodologically, the project will combine semistructured interviews, content and discourse analysis (CDA), software-assisted analysis of social networks and media, and ethnographic methods (participant observation). The main results of the project will include a theoretically and methodologically robust monograph, four scholarly articles, a book chapter (all published in internationally acknowledged journals and publishing houses), and three conference papers.