21.02.2018 |
Brand-new issue of New Perspectives (3/2017) is now available!
We are delighted to present issue 03/2017 of New Perspectives, a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year in English, which primarily focus on interdisciplinary research of Central and East European politics.
21.02.2018 |
Think Visegrad Fellowship – Call for proposals 2018
Expert fellows from non-Visegrad countries with at least five years’ experience in their field of research are eligible. Preference will be given to applicants who have already made a significant contribution in their field. Application dossiers consisting of the application form, structured CV (including the list of publications) and a motivation letter (maximum 300 words) are to be submitted to by March 20, 2018.
16.02.2018 | Veronika Bílková
The Decline of the Big Five
Is the supremacy of the Big Five, inherited from the mid-20th century, on the brink of its decline? Have the Big Five started to lose informal privileges which have been bestowed upon them over the past 70 years? Will that be followed by the reduction in, or even total abolition of, formal privileges? While answering all these questions in the affirmative would certainly be too audacious, there are signs indicating that the privileged position of the Big Five is no longer accepted without reserves. Veronika Bílková analyzes this current trend in her reflection.
06.02.2018 |
Journals of the Institute of International Relations are freely available to the public from now on
The Institute of International Relations is a public research institute which aims to support research in the area of international relations and to convey its results to the broadest possible audience, which would consist of both professionals in the IR field and the nonprofessional public. We not only serve the academic community and professionals, but we also strive to contribute to improving the level of education of the Czech society and its level of knowledge about international relations as well. We also believe that the society has the right to open access to the results of research funded by their taxes, and particularly, we would like to make the results of our research accessible to the broadest possible group of users and readers, whether they be researchers, diplomats, professionals or members of the broader public.
02.02.2018 |
Job Vacancy: Researcher/Senior Researcher
The IIR is offering a full-time position for a researcher or senior researcher with a focus on security to join its team of colleagues within the IIR’s Centre for European Security. The principal duty of the researcher will be to conduct theoretically and methodologically informed academic research and publish its results in international journals and publishing houses. The prerequisites for the position are an ability to carry out applied research, and a willingness to offer one’s expertise to policymakers through papers, briefings, and consultations.
22.01.2018 | Veronika Bílková
The controversial question of Jerusalem from the point of view of international law
What is the basis for the concept of recognition in international law and does an act of recognizing a capital city even exist? Read our newest reflection by Veronika Bílková and learn about the way Israel claims Jerusalem, which is by the majority of the international community considered to be the capital of both states, i.e. the state of Israel and the future state of Palestine. The author also presents and critically examines the arguments of the Trump administration for relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
04.01.2018 |
The American President Donald Trump and “The Worst” Deal
International law reflection of Miroslav Tůma, analyzing the Iran nuclear deal 
15.12.2017 | Rudolf Fürst
The Czech Republic: Receiving the First Relevant Chinese Investments
New report prepared by the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) is out with a chapter from our senior researcher and coordinator of the Centre for EU-Asia Relations, Rudolf Fürst. Institute of International Relations Prague is proud to be a contributor to ETNC´s joint publications.
14.12.2017 | Michal Cenker
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Volume 9
Our Associate Researcher Michal Cenker has produced a chapter for the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Volume 9, published by Brill.
13.12.2017 | Tomáš Dopita
Lack of Engagement? The Spectrum of EU Member State Policies Towards Kosovo
What are the current relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Kosovo? Tomáš Dopita (IIR) contributed to the publication "Lack of Engagement? Surveying the Spectrum of EU Member State Policies Towards Kosovo", edited by James Ker-Lindsay and Ioannis Armakolas. This publication provides an overview of information on foreign policy towards Kosovo in nine EU countries, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus and Spain.

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