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27.09.2016 | Mark Galeotti
New KGB' plans betray Putin's anxiety
There have been periodic suggestions that the Kremlin plans to bring the majority of the country’s intelligence and security services back into a single agency, effectively reconstituting the Soviet KGB. Vladimir Putin, himself a proud veteran of that agency, has hitherto resisted the idea, but a report in the well-connected newspaper Kommersant is claiming that a new Ministry of State Security (MGB) is to soon be formed. Mark Galeotti in his commentary for the European Council on Foreign Relations asks what would happen, if the rumors were true.
Georgian Parliamentary Election 2016. Parties under pressure
On October 8th 2016, Georgia will hold its eighth parliamentary election since declaring independence in 1991. This parliamentary election is critical to maintaining a "routinisation" of democratic practices in a country that just a few decades ago was under authoritarian rule. Melanie Melanie Mierzejewski-Voznyak, Associate Researcher of the Institute of International Relations Prague, comments for New Eastern Europe on these elections.
15.09.2016 | Mark Galeotti
Russians can make a difference in Sunday’s elections: by staying at home
"On September 18 Russia goes to the polls to elect the 450 deputies of the State Duma, the lower house of legislature. In the past, Duma elections have been characterised by vote rigging on an industrial scale, and although we are likely to see less of that this time, the system has been organized to make sure the Kremlin continues to dominate parliament. But that doesn’t mean that ordinary Russians can’t do anything to register their dissatisfaction with current policy or even to deliver a blow against Vladimir Putin. Their most powerful weapon is simply not to turn up," writes Mark Galeotti for bne IntelliNews.
15.09.2016 | Jan Kovář
Unite tonight, Europe!
On Friday the leaders of 27 states of the European Union will meet in Bratislava for what they call an informal meeting on the future of Europe. Anca Dragu from Rádio Slovákia International discussed the importance of this meeting, as well as the topics on the agenda, with Jan Kovář.
13.09.2016 | Mark Galeotti
Putin's Original Sin
"Seventeen years ago, a series of apartment bombings in Moscow, Buynaksk, and Volgodonsk commenced, killing nearly 300 people and altering the course of Russian history. Mark Galeotti was one of the Power Vertical Podcast's guest looking back at the dramatic, frightening, and disturbing events of September 1999 and asking what do they tell us about Vladimir Putin's Russia today?"
09.09.2016 | Tomáš Profant
Whither Slovak media?
Tomáš Profant comments for Political Critique on the ideological shift in the Slovak mainstream media and what it means for their competitors outside the mainstream
02.09.2016 | Mark Galeotti
Russia is massing troops on Ukraine’s border, but we shouldn’t panic
"Russia is sending tens of thousands of troops to military installations near its border with Ukraine and holding snap military drills, sparking fears that a Russian invasion is imminent. These fears are overblown, however, for one major reason that everyone seems to have overlooked: The Ukrainian military of today is very different from the ramshackle, demoralized force of 2014," Mark Galeotti writes in his article for Vox.
30.08.2016 | Petr Kratochvíl
24.08.2016 | Mark Galeotti
STOLYPIN: Can government reshuffles bring any hope for Russia?
The unexpected removal of Sergei Ivanov from his panoptical position as head of the near-enough-all-powerful Presidential Administration has inevitably created a frenzy of kremlinological speculation. A reshuffle is certainly underway, and there is clearly some longer-term political goal. However, one aspect which has largely been neglected has been how this will affect the governance of Russia in the short term, and the perennially any-day-now prospects of meaningful economic reform - writes Mark Galeotti in his article in bne IntelliNews.

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