24.11.2017 | Lukáš Tichý
Global Terrorism Index Prague Launch
The Institute of International Relations Prague, the Prague Society for International Cooperation and Metropolitan University Prague invite you to the launch of the 2017 edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI).
New PP: The European Union must effectively develop energy relations with global producers and partners
Translation of the initial policy paper of the Centre for Energy Policy. There are almost no oil or gas resources in the EU. To strengthen its energy security, the EU has taken a number of measures in its energy policy. To find out which measures these were read the policy paper of our Centre for Energy Policy.
Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea
New book by our Associate Researcher Richard Q. Turcsányi published by prestigious publishing house Springer! It offers an assessment of China’s assertive foreign policy behavior with a special focus on Chinese policies in the South China Sea (SCS). By providing a detailed account of the events in the SCS and by analyzing power dynamics in the region, it identifies the driving forces behind China’s assertive foreign policy. Considering China’s power on a domestic as well as an international level, it examines a number of different sources of hard and soft power, including military, economics, geopolitics, and domestic legitimacy.
Berlin–Prag: Entfremdung vermeiden – Chancen ergreifen
Our Senior Researcher Jakub Eberle is co-author of new policy paper on Czech-German relations published by German think-tank SWP.
30.10.2017 | Tamás Lattmann
ILR: Kurdistan and Catalonia as new states?
During recent weeks, two major referenda have taken place with serious ambition: to create new states by secession, one in Catalonia in Spain, one in the Kurdish territory in Iraq. The current analysis sheds light to the international legal background of similar situations and their possible consequence under the current legalpolitical circumstances.
20.10.2017 | Lukáš Tichý
Terrorist Attacks on the Energy Sector: A Strategic Instrument of the Islamic State in the Middle East and North Africa
Article by Lukáš Tichý was published in Mediterranean Quarterly. It focuses on the global terrorist and militant group the Islamic State (IS), specifically on its use of terrorism targeting the energy sector as a strategic political instrument in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in 2014–16. The essay has two main thrusts. First, it analyzes the importance that the IS attributes to energy in general and, more specifically, to the strategy of terrorist attacks targeting the energy sector. Second, the essay describes examples, goals, and motives of terrorist attacks on the energy sector and the accompanying criminal activities conducted by the IS in selected MENA countries.
17.10.2017 | Miroslav Tůma
The Historically Important Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Was Adopted
Entirely unnoticed by the Czech media, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (NWT) was approved on July 7 2017, the last day of the second round of the UN Conference in New York.
12.10.2017 |
Jerusalem: Occupied or Unified?
The Institute of International Relations would like to bring to your attention a seminar - Jerusalem: Occupied or Unified?
05.10.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Mark Galeotti at the Annual NATO Parliamentary Assembly meeting
Mark Galeotti will be one of the speakers at the prestigious Annual NATO Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Bucharest this weekend.
21.09.2017 | Lukáš Tichý
Russian strategy in the age of Dmitry Medvedev
New article by Lukáš Tichý in the impacted International Politics!

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