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Ukraine's Local Elections: New law, old problems
Melanie Mierzejewski-Voznyak is the author of an analysis "Ukraine's Local Elections: New law, old problems" published by New Eastern Europe, the exclusive bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs.
12.10.2015 |
Mediální výstupy k uprchlictví a migraci
Ústav mezinárodních vztahů tak vytváří spojnici mezi akademickým světem, veřejností a mezinárodně-politickou praxí. Výzkumní pracovníci a pracovnice ÚMV často vystupují v médiích, kde analyzují nejaktuálnější světové dění. Mezi často diskutovaná témata patří právě migrace a uprchlíci. Níže přinášíme stručný přehled mediálních výstupů týkajících se těchto témat.
Czech Republic’s stance on refugee quotas
Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has said that Czech-German relations are the best they have been in the modern era. The statement came on the heels of an article in Hospodářské noviny quoting diplomats who said that ties had actually dipped to their lowest point in 20 years. The reason? Differences over refugee quotas. While successful cooperation on many issues is unlikely to come undone, many analysts agree the Czech Republic has taken a rocky path, politically-speaking, adding there will be a cost. Jan Velinger from the Radio Prague discussed this with Vladimír Handl.
16.09.2015 | Vladimír Handl
Mittelosteuropa hat die EU noch nicht verstanden
Die Flüchtlingskrise in Europa spitzt sich zu. Deutschland ist mit seiner Willkommenskultur erstmals ernstlich überfordert und hat Grenzkontrollen wiedereingeführt. Zugleich rühren mittel- und osteuropäische Staaten Beton an, wenn es um die Einführung verbindlicher Quoten für die Aufnahme von Migranten geht. Zur europäischen Migrationspolitik im Folgenden ein Interview für das Radio Prag mit dem Politologen Vladimír Handl vom unseren Institut für internationale Beziehungen in Prag.
Fighting the wrong battle
The IIR researchers and members of the Centre for European Security of the IIR claim in their newest contribution to the server openDemocracy "Fighting the wrong battle: Central Europe’s crisis is one of liberal democracy, not migration" that: "The hostile response of central and eastern European heads of states to the prospect of accepting Syrian refugees is emblematic of a wider problem of democracy and liberalism in these countries."
07.09.2015 | Vladimír Handl
Streit mit Brüssel ist nicht gewollt
Der Politikwissenschaftler Vladimir Handl glaubt nicht, dass sich die osteuropäischen Staaten einer Quotenregelung zur Verteilung von Flüchtlingen in Europa langfristig verweigern werden. Auf einen Konflikt mit der EU würden sie es nicht ankommen lassen, sagte er im DLF (Deutschlandfunk). Finanziell sei die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen in den Ländern "klar machbar".
26.05.2015 | Vít Beneš
The East’s Flight from Russia
Comment of Vít Beneš on the sources of the Ukraine crisis was published at the Svenska Dagbladet blog. In the article Vít Beneš argues that the notion about “the West moving into Russia’s backyard” is a serious distortion and misinterpretation of the post-Cold War history. After the end of the Cold War, the West did not march anywhere. In fact, Russia’s backyard moved.
22.05.2015 | Michal Šimečka
Anti-Gruevski Rally in Skopje
After the opposition released what seemed to be sensitive covert recordings of illegal ministerial activities, the anti-Gruevski rally broke out. Despite the government claims that try to raise the fear of the possibility of an ethnic conflict the Macedonians and Albanians stand side by side and protest together. Michal Šimečka from the Centre for European Security of the IIR commented on the current situation.
Europe’s Migration Crisis: Central Europe’s Dangerous Game
Should a serious migration crisis erupt as a result of conflict escalation in Ukraine, the odds are that the V4 would need assistance through exactly the kind of EU solidarity mechanism they now oppose. That is the opinion of Michal Šimečka and Benjamin Tallis presented in their joint article for the server openDemocracy.
Europe’s Migration Crisis: An Alternative View from Central Europe
"European Union needs a debate on migration" is the starting message of an article written by the members of the Centre for European Security of the IIR published by the Visegrad Insight which reacts on the article published by the think-tank Evropské hodnoty.

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