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29.07.2016 | Mark Galeotti
27.07.2016 | Petr Kratochvíl
26.07.2016 | Mark Galeotti
World's Policeman or Rent-a-cop?
"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clearly enjoys making headlines, and with his recent pronouncements on NATO and the limits of US support for its allies, he is making them across Europe — and in Russia. Trump’s businessman’s approach to foreign policy and reckless disregard for the international order the United States has kept in place for decades worries Europe, encourages Russia, and promises stability to no one," writes Mark Galeotti for the Vox journal.
Vom Empfänger zum Geberland
Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň and Tomáš Profant were recently guests of the student section of the Austrian radio station ORF 1. Here they talked about the "new donors" and the broader relations among the old and new Member States in the area of development cooperation and the North-South relations.
26.07.2016 | Mark Galeotti
22.07.2016 | Mark Galeotti
Turkey's military hand Erdogan ultimate power
"If nothing else, one might have expected the Turkish military to understand how to stage a military coup, but Friday’s botched exercise failed on pretty much every count," writes Mark Galeotti in his analysis of the attemped coup in Turkey published by the server bne IntelliNews.
15.07.2016 | Tomáš Profant
Slovak presidency promotes solidarity
"This month, in the midst of both internal and European political turbulence, Slovakia took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union from the Netherlands. The Slovak government will promote one noteworthy policy reform; a European unemployment insurance scheme. This would be a further component of a European fiscal union," writes Tomáš Profant in his article for PoliticalCritique.org.
14.07.2016 | Jan Kovář
Velkou Británii povede žena
Je paradoxem, že bude odchod Velké Británie vyjednávat někdo, kdo ho nechtěl, nebo je to naopak příznačné pro celý brexit? Jakým bude vlastně nová britská premiérka partnerem z pohledu Evropské unie? Je možné srovnávat Theresu Mayovou s Margaret Thatcherovou? Odpovědi na tyto i další otázky poskytl České televizi Jan Kovář.
11.07.2016 | Michal Kořan
Single Czech stand at Warsaw NATO summit?
The Czech head of state, foreign, and defense ministers flew out to Warsaw Friday for the start of the two-day NATO summit in Warsaw. Were they able to speak with one voice despite their diverging opinions on best course of actions towards Russia? Michal Kořan gave his prediction on this issue to Radio Prague on 8 July.

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