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21.12.2015 | Petr Kratochvíl
Caught in the Deviation Trap. On the Fallacies of the Study of Party-Based Euroscepticism
Petr Kratochvíl, Director of the IIR, and Daniel Kný, University of Economics, are authors of a study "Caught in the Deviation Trap. On the Fallacies of the Study of Party-Based Euroscepticism.", which was published in the Czech Journal of Political Science (3/2015).
08.12.2015 | Michal Kořan
Central Europe in the European Union: A story of hypocrisy
"The leading political figures in Central Europe failed to internalize the basic principles of European integration," writes Michal Kořan for the Visegrad Insight.
Visegrad? Slavkov?
The problems in the relations within the EU are caused by intensified language and an absence of empathy", says Petr Kratochvíl in an interview for the daily Gazeta Wyborcza. He describes and explains a possible Czech reaction to the efforts of Beata Szydło’s government to steer the wheel away from the cooperation with Germany and towards the V4. He also comments on the Czech stance on Slovakia pressing the charges regarding the refugee quotas and on the impact of the Slavkov Declaration. Furthermore, he does not consider the agreement of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria to be competition for Visegrad. You can find out more about his views in the attached article.
Where would mooted “mini-Schengen” leave states like Czech Republic?
Dutch politicians floated the idea of a smaller area within Europe’s open Schengen zone – also including countries such as Germany and Belgium – where passport controls would be carried out at the perimeter. What would such a move mean for the Czech Republic and other states left outside such a “mini-Schengen”? That’s a question Ian Willoughby from the Radio Prague put to Benjamin Tallis.
24.11.2015 | Benjamin Tallis
A Migrant’s Story
"I am a foreigner. A migrant. I live and work in Prague, the city that has become my adopted home. No one forced me to come here, nor even invited me – I decided to come here myself. I have been warmly welcomed by Czech people and love being a part of Czech society. As a foreigner and a migrant with such a positive experience here I now watch in disbelief at the stance the country is taking to the ongoing refugee crisis." writes Benjamin Tallis in his article for The Reporter Magazine.
Czech stance on refugees could risk gains of last 25 years, says IIR’s Benjamin Tallis
Benjamin Tallis was the guest of Radio Prague where Ian Willoughby asked him about his work at the Institute and about the Czech foreign policy.
02.11.2015 | Michal Kořan
Hey Europe, Stop Putting Russia First
Michal Kořan, is author of an entry published at the Atlantic Council's blog. "The West's deteriorating relationship with Russia has opened a window of opportunity to offer Eastern European countries a genuine future within the European Union, unrestrained by Moscow. To seize this opportunity, the West should refrain from past policies that, in the end, always put Russia first."
Alleged Czech policy of harsh treatment of refugees 'works'
Czech authorities regularly place illegal migrants in grim detention centers. The UN has criticized the practice, which some believe is proving effective in keeping the numbers of refugees arriving in the Czech Republic low. Among the experts quoted in a report for Deutsche Welle (DW - Germany's international broadcaster) was Petr Kratochvíl, who thinks that "the UN High Commissioner's report will generally just confirm the stereotype - although it is a stereotype that is becoming more and more true - that the Czech authorities are not very friendly towards refugees and that it has become a sort of national strategy to repel potential refugees by offering such a harsh welcome that most of them will not travel across the Czech Republic."
Ukraine's Local Elections: New law, old problems
Melanie Mierzejewski-Voznyak is the author of an analysis "Ukraine's Local Elections: New law, old problems" published by New Eastern Europe, the exclusive bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs.
12.10.2015 |
Mediální výstupy k uprchlictví a migraci
Ústav mezinárodních vztahů tak vytváří spojnici mezi akademickým světem, veřejností a mezinárodně-politickou praxí. Výzkumní pracovníci a pracovnice ÚMV často vystupují v médiích, kde analyzují nejaktuálnější světové dění. Mezi často diskutovaná témata patří právě migrace a uprchlíci. Níže přinášíme stručný přehled mediálních výstupů týkajících se těchto témat.

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