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07.03.2013 | Petr Kratochvíl
Statt Fanfaren gibt's zum Abschied bittere Satire
Vyjádření Petra Kratochvíla k odchodu prezidenta Václava Klause "Statt Fanfaren gibt's zum Abschied bittere Satire" na ARD-Hörfunkstudio Prag.
02.03.2013 | Ondřej Ditrych
NATO in Afghanistan: There and Back Again
Three weeks after Obama delivered these moving words, the question of how to end NATO’s largest out-of-area operation to date dominated the Alliance’s summit in Chicago. Some 130,000 troops remain on the ground and the Alliance has suffered 3,000 casualties thus far, as well as costing thousands of Afghan lives. Instead of a bright future, however, it seems far more likely that an even darker one awaits Afghanistan when NATO troops leave the country in 2014.
24.02.2013 | Vladimír Handl
The euro crisis and Germany’s role through Czech perspective
Czech policy does not have a uniform line on Germany and its European policy. On one hand, there is relatively broad agreement on Germany’s significance for the Czech Republic: Germany accounts for 31.5% of Czech exports and 25.6% of its imports, and is thus by far the country’s largest trading partner. Additionally, since the Czech EU presidency at the latest, Germany has been seen as the most important and mostly also the most accommodating EU member state. This is why the Foreign Policy Concept of the Czech Republic (2011) lists Germany for the first time as a “strategic partner” (!) and emphasises its key role in European politics, European security and the global economy.
24.02.2013 | Petr Drulák
Reinventing Europe: Czech lessons for small countries
In recent years the Czech Republic has gained a reputation as a reluctant European. It waited until the last moment before ratifying the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, did not join last year’s Euro Plus Pact, and stayed away from the EU fiscal compact. This seems puzzling. Although not alone in dragging their feet or staying away from some European projects, this is unusual for relatively poor new members who view the EU as guarantor of democracy and prosperity.
24.01.2013 | Marek Čejka
The Metamorphoses of the Muslim Brotherhood
To comprehend the current role and position of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, rather than focusing only on its present-day form and the general policies of this movement, we must take a closer look at the historical evolution of this organization. One will then realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is not an entity that could be easily defined and described and moreover, put into one clear-cut category – which is exactly what many current commentators tend to do.

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