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22.01.2018 | Mark Galeotti
Is Putin’s trolling “making Russia great again”?
"In many ways, Russia is the geopolitical equivalent of the internet troll, deliberately sowing discord. There is an obvious and severe critique to be made about such a foreign policy, but it is also worth appreciating just why the Kremlin has adopted it – and appears to feel it is working," writes Mark Galeotti in his article for Business New Europe.
22.01.2018 | Tomáš Dopita
Lack of Engagement?
Three people, three countries, threee minutes. What are the relations of Germany, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Kosovo? Tomáš Dopita contributes in this short video-spot published by Open 333 platform on the Czech relations with Kosovo.
19.01.2018 | Mark Galeotti
Forget Britain’s nuclear deterrent – here’s what Russia is really afraid of
Russia is being weaponised to justify big-ticket buys for the UK military, yet there’s little talk of what Moscow thinks matter.... And what is that? Read Mark Galeotti's piece for The Guardian.
16.01.2018 | Mark Galeotti
Cyber Hysteria
Governments and media credit Russia with fearsome hacking capabilities―which happens to suit Moscow very well. The West should take concrete counter-measures, " writes Mark Galeotti in his analysis for Berlin Policy Journal.
12.01.2018 | Jan Eichler
Bude mít také Trump "svoji" válku?
Téměř každý americký prezident vedl nějakou válku. Bude mít také Trump "svoji" válku? Tuto otázku si v reakci na analýzu amerického odborníka Philippa Gordona pokládá v článku pro deník Právo Jan Eichler.
19.12.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Latvian interview with Mark Galeotti
Putin wants to make Russia great again, but his idea of what makes a great power is very much out of the 19th century. To him, great powers must have spheres of influence such as Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and elsewhere. No one should be able to tell a great power what to do, so, for Russia, international law and justice should have no traction. And Russia should have a voice on all global issues. In order to achieve all this, given Russia's weakness, Putin is seeking to divide, distract, and demoralise the West. That's the argument Mark Galeotti makes in his interview for Latvian journal Latvijas avīze: LA.
President Zeman undertakes five-day Russia trip
Mark Galeotti commented in an interview for Radio Prague on President Zeman's five-day Russia trip.
07.12.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Is Chechnya's Kadyrov really 'dreaming' of quitting?
Ramzan Kadyrov, the wilful leader of Russia's southern Chechen republic, is talking about standing down. He says it is his "dream". However, if past practise is anything to go by, this does not mean for a minute that he is contemplating retirement at 41, or even relinquishing his ruthless grip on what has become his virtual personal fiefdom. Instead, this likely means that Kadyrov wants something - and that in itself tells us about the state of Russia today, " writes Mark Galeotti in his opinion piece for Al Jazeera.
13.11.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Sobchak and the presidential reality show
"Why does the Kremlin allow socialite Ksenia Sobchak to take part in the presidential elections? Distraction? Theatricality? According to Mark Galeotti's piece for Raam op Rusland it reflects the limitations of Putin's hyper-presidential system. 'Vote against all' is a way out for the population."
Iron Curtains of the mind
"Much 'western' analysis of central and eastern Europe remains rife with prejudices, half-truths and a lack of critical perspective," write Benjamin Tallis from IIR's Centre for European Security and Derek Sayer, professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, Canada in their piece for openDemocracy.

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