International Law Reflections

22.07.2016 | Tamás Lattmann
Derogation from the European Convention on Human Rights by Turkey after the attempted coup
After the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, high-level officials,including the president have constantly talked about the necessity of the introduction of a state of emergency, which has been declared on 20th July. At the same time, the president has also mentioned the “suspension” of the European Convention on Human Rights. What does this exactly mean, what are the effects and consequences of this step?
20.07.2016 | Tamás Lattmann
Reinstating the death penalty in Turkey after the attempted coup?
After the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, both high-level officials and the pro-government public suggest the reinstatement of the death penalty. Unfortunately the question tends to re-surface from time to time in other states as well, but rarely with such political weight. It is important to evaluate the possibility of this step.
03.06.2016 | Tamás Lattmann
The case against Russia for the attack on flight MH17
According to the news, a new legal proceeding has been initiated against Russia and its president Vladimir Putin for the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the airspace of Ukraine on 17 July 2014. The present analysis by Tamás Lattmann examines the outlines of the case.
27.04.2016 | Tamás Lattmann
Judgment in the Savchenko case
The very first International Law Reflextion: "Judgment in the Savchenko case". A debated judgment by a dubious judicial forum in a murky legal environment. The current analysis tries to shed some light to some of the legal questions, without examining the charges on their merits.

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