21.05.2014 |
Karabakh’s Twenty Years Crisis: The EU Should Do More. New policy paper by Ondřej Ditrych.
Twenty years have passed since an armistice in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict was concluded. The EU, while designing an ambitious agenda to create a ring of peaceful and prosperous states in its neighbourhood, has so far eschewed more direct engagement. This policy paper argues that it should eschew it no longer, and outlines how it can do so without excessive commitmenton its part.
09.05.2014 |
New publication: Tracing the Discourses of Terrorism
"Tracing the Discourses of Terrorism. Identity, Genealogy and State" is a new publication by Ondřej Ditrych.
05.05.2014 |
Recruitment of Research Fellows
Announcement for the recruitment of Research Fellows in the field of international security.
31.03.2014 |
JDI 2014
JDI Youth Dialogue Conference 2014. This year with Petr Drulák, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vít Beneš, Researcher from our Institute.
27.03.2014 | Jana Kotasová
Perspectives Review: Europeanization via Discursive Practice – Articulation of EU Norms in the Domestic Policy Debate on Territorial Reforms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (by Senka Neuman Stanivuković)
Original article by: Senka Neuman Stanivuković, Ph.D. candidate in Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen Review by: Jana Kotasová, PR assistant at IIR
27.03.2014 | Anja Grabovac
Perspectives Review: Turn the Other Greek. How the Eurozone Crisis Changes the Image of Greeks and What Visual Representations of Greeks Tell Us about European Identity (by Daniela Chalániová)
Original article by: Daniela Chalániová, PhD student in the study programme International Relations and European Studies at Metropolitan University Prague/the Institute of International Relations in Prague; lecturer at the Anglo-American University. Review by: Anja Grabovac, PR assistant at IIR
15.03.2014 | Tomáš Profant
Slovenští autoři k volbě prezidenta
Tomáš Profant okomentoval pro Deník Referendum průběh slovenských prezidentských voleb. V anketě zveřejněné 15. 3. přiblížil klady a zápory Roberta Fica a jeho konkurentů i nová témata, která přinesla předvolební kampaň.
12.03.2014 | Vít Beneš
Eurozone and the Banking Union
The Polish Institute of International Affairs, the Institute of International Relations and the partners of the project organized an expert workshop "Eurozone and the Banking Union".
03.03.2014 | Mats Braun
New publication: Europeanization of Environmental Policy in the New Europe
Europeanization of Environmental Policy in the New Europe  - Beyond Conditionality is a new publication by Mats Braun. "Prior to the European Union (EU) 2004/2007 enlargement there were several predictions that this event would hamper progressive decision-making within the EU on environmental policy. It was believed that the new member states had adopted EU rules as a consequence of the EU's conditionality and consequently they would rather slow down the reform speed in the field after accession. In this book, Mats Braun offers an up-to-date account of how post-communist member states have handled policy initiatives in the field of environmental policy after accession. Using detailed case studies of how Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania dealt with two different EU policy initiatives - REACH and the Climate-Energy Package - he explores whether social norms and the process of socialization can help us understand why the track record of new member states in the area of environmental policy is more varied than was originally envisaged prior to enlargement."
24.02.2014 | Jana Kotasová
Perspectives Review: The Sociology of Diplomacy: A General Outline with Some Aspects and Dilemmas (by Milan Jazbec)
Original article by: Assoc. Prof. Milan Jazbec, Ph.D., an author of this article and many other books on sociology of diplomacy and diplomatic relations, is an Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia. He was State Secretary at the Slovene Ministry of Defense (2000–2004) and the first Slovene Consul in Klagenfurt, Austria. Review by: Jana Kotasová, PR assistant at IIR

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