17.09.2013 |
Filip Tesař na Foru 2000
Spolupracovník ÚMV Filip Tesař vystupuje v rámci Fora 2000 na kulatém stolu s názvem "YUGOSLAVIA: HOW A TRANSITION CAN GO TERRIBLY WRONG".
19.08.2013 | Petr Drulák
“Going Native? The Discipline of IR in Central and Eastern Europe“
What should be the new direction of the discipline of International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe? Is there time to stop looking west and start to look at one’s own society? Petr Drulak answers these questions in  Przeglad Europejski in his article „Going Native? The Discipline of IR in Central and Eastern Europe“
12.07.2013 |
The EU as a Political Actor
To innovatively explore various facets of European integration is the aim of a new book The EU as a Political Actor: The Analysis of Four Dimensions of the EU's Actorness edited by Petr Kratochvíl.
09.07.2013 | Ondřej Ditrych
O. Ditrych for EUISS about Georgia
"A state with a turbulent modern history, Georgia has seen three regime changes in the last two decades. In October, the country will hold a presidential election; an important milestone in the ongoing political transition of the country that is bound to be closely monitored."
10.06.2013 |
Call for Articles: Special Issue of Perspectives
Topic: Challenges to Diplomacy. For this special issue we are looking for theoretically informed contributions that discuss the changing role of diplomacy in the 21st century. You are welcome to send an abstract of your article to
03.06.2013 | Ondřej Ditrych
Article by O. Ditrych in the Security Dialogue
From discourse to dispositif: States and terrorism between Marseille and 9/11. This article is a historical study of how states have articulated statements about terrorism since the 1930s; under what conditions these statements have been articulated; and what effects the discourses made up of these statements have had on global politics.
20.05.2013 | Ondřej Ditrych
To Catch a Fogle. The latest policy paper by O. Ditrych.
The Putin regime seems to have chosen to publicly expose Ryan Fogle not simply as a “tit-for-tat” for the embarrasing release of footage by the FBI of the meetings of “illegals” detained in the U.S. (2010) with Russian diplomats, but to gesture toward domestic audiences and to humiliate the U.S. in order to weaken its position in mutual negotiations, knowing that Washington may not be in the position to retaliate.For the EU, the episode is a reminder that even in the age of cyber threats the conventional spy war is far from over.
06.05.2013 | Ondřej Ditrych
05.03.2013 | Ondřej Ditrych
Short study of Belarusian sanctions for EUISS
"Good cop or bad cop? Sanctioning Belarus." Short study by Ondřej Ditrych.
04.03.2013 |
New, Special Issue of Perspectives
New, special issue of Perspectives, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2012, is dedicated to the fascinating theme of Europe, seen from the "outside".

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