26.08.2014 |
Potential for Cooperation: Polish and Czech Standpoints on the Banking Union
In their recent policy paper, Tomáš Profant and Patryk Toporowski of the Polish Institute of International Affairs find some similarities between Poland and the Czech Republic in their approaches to the Banking Union and recommend a cooperation of both countries in this regard.
22.07.2014 |
In memory of George Liska
George Liska, one of the most well known Czech IR researchers living in emigration, died on May 20. His texts, despite being very complex to comprehend, brought valuable insights which are worth being studied even today.
18.07.2014 |
The new issue of the EU-28 Watch
he EU-Watch prepared by the Institut für Europäische Politik brings you information about national debates on European policies.
15.07.2014 | Anja Grabovac
From Turkish liberalism to realpolitik?
New research article: "Turkish Diplomacy since 2003: Transition from Realpolitik to a Liberal Foreign Policy?" Author: Gilles Bertrand (Associate Professor in international relations, head of the Master Programme 'International Politics' at the Institut d'Etudes politiques de Bordeaux, France, and member of the Research Centre Emile-Durkheim, University of Bordeaux; research interests: Greek-Turkish relations Review by: Anja Grabovac
15.07.2014 | Jana Kotasová
Perspectives review: Holy See's actorness?
New research article: "A State, a Diplomat, and a Transnational Church: The Multi-layered Actorness of the Holy See" Author: Mariano Barbato (DAAD-Lecturer and Director of the Center for European Studies and International Relations (ZEWI) at the BBU Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and Lecturer (Privatdozent) at the University of Passau, Germany; Research interests: European and global transformation, religion and politics.) Review by: Jana Kotasová  
Perspectives review: German soft power
New research article: "Time, Space & German Soft Power: Toward a Spatio-Temporal Turn in Diplomatic Studies?" Author: James Pamment (post-doc at the University of Texas at Austin and a research fellow at the Center on Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California; his research addresses issues related to communication and diplomacy) Review by: Kateřina Krejčířová  
02.07.2014 |
Development, Environment and Foresight
The Department of Developmental Studies of the Natural Sciences Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc is preparing for publication the first issue of a new academic journal entitled Development, Environment and Foresight. The journal will publish original English language articles from the areas of developmental and environmental studies and foresight (teachings which are focused towards the future, involving modeling of possible future scenarios).
27.06.2014 | Máté Szalai
New policy paper: Turmoil in Egypt
Egypt is in turmoil. Who is reponsible for the current state of affairs? What role have the Arab states of the Persian Gulf played in the unfolding developments of the Arab Spring, especially those in Egypt? Maté Szalai's new policy paper tries to answer these questions.
China’s Comeback in Former Eastern Europe
Rudolf Fürst and Filip Tesař are editors of a new book "China’s Comeback in Former Eastern Europe: No Longer Comrades, Not Yet Strategic Partners".
20.06.2014 |
The Ideational Clinch of the Roman Catholic Church and the EU.
New article by Petr Kratochvíl and Tomáš Doležal entitled “The Ideational Clinch of the Roman Catholic Church and the EU. The Europeanization of the Catholic clergy’s discourse?” explores the so far largely ignored question of the political relations between the European Union and the Roman Catholic Church.

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