03.10.2019 | Benjamin Tallis
Still liberal after all These Years?
What will European Security look like in 2030? Will the EU still be a liberal actor despite multiple challenges at home and abroad? Benjamin Tallis, Inger-Luise Heilmann and An Jacobs' projection of Europe's future security shows what the EU and its members need to do to maintain their liberal identity. Their scenario appears in a high-profile publication in the prestigious LSE Ideas series which brought together scholars and practitioners from around Europe to imagine future challenges and solutions to them.
27.09.2019 | Pavel Havlíček
10 Years of Eastern Partnership: From Prague to Brussels and How to Proceed?
The Eastern Partnership (EaP) policy celebrated its 10th anniversary during the sixth high-level conference in Brussels in May 2019 and it is now undergoing a process of strategic reflection on its future.
23.09.2019 |
Opening remarks by Ondřej Ditrych at 11th International Symposium "Czech Foreign Policy"
The Institute of International Relations is now hosting its already 11th International Symposium on "Czech Foreign Policy" with the topic "Fostering Multilateralism". Many interesting speakers and intriguing debates are taking place at Czernin Palace of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Read the opening remarks by our Director Ondřej Ditrych. 
12.09.2019 |
Benjamin Tallis at the EISA Annual Conference in Sofia
Benjamin Tallis, senior researcher at the Centre for European Security, will be speaking at the European International Studies Association (EISA) annual conference in Sofia this week. This year’s conference titled “A century of Show and Tell: The Seen and the Unseen of IR” brings together over 1000 scholars to discuss the latest developments in the field.
12.09.2019 | Tomáš Dopita
The Czech Republic - Kosovo’s Reluctant and Disengaged Recogniser
Tomáš Dopita published his new chapter in The Politics of Recognition and Engagement, a book published by the Palgrave Macmillan publishing house.
02.09.2019 |
New issue of Czech Journal of International Relations (Vol 54, No 3) is out!
We are pleased to announce that a new issue of Czech Journal of International Relations, Vol 54, No 3 has just been published.
26.08.2019 | Jank Kovář
Variations of Metaphors in Party Manifestos About EU Finality
Jan Kovář has published a new chapter titled "Variations of metaphors in party manifestos about EU finality: Assessing party positions through conceptual metaphors" in Variation in Political Metaphor, a book edited by Julien Perrez.
18.07.2019 | Matúš Halás
Proving a Negative: Deterrence Does Not Work in the Baltics
Deterrence does not work in the Baltics writes our colleague, Matus Halas, in his article for European Security, in which he shows that the situation in the Baltics for NATO is not exactly the best."The increased Russian foreign policy assertiveness and the related security concerns associated with the Eastern Flank of NATO caused a revival of interest in European deterrence after more than two decades of neglect. Yet the absence of a military invasion into the Baltics does not necessarily imply a successful deterrent threat."
Affect in the Czech Narrative of "Russian Hybrid Warfare"
Jakub Eberle and Jan Daniel recently published their article "Putin, You Suck": Affective Sticking Points in the Czech Narrative on "Russian Hybrid Warfare" in the prestigious Political Psychology journal. Together, they examine a dominant Czech narrative of "Russian Hybrid Warfare," placing emphasis on the role of identity.
02.07.2019 |
Vacancy Notification: Space Policy, Cyber Security Research Fellow
The Institute of International Relations Prague (IIR), the leading Czech academic institution in the field of international studies, is seeking to recruit a research fellows for project TAČR Éta and project Horizon 2020.

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