19.02.2019 | Daniel Šitera
Finding a Visegrad added value in the new Cohesion Policy, 2021-27
Daniel Šitera - vedoucí Centra globální politické ekonomie se ve svém policy briefu zabývá rozpočtem EU pro období 2021-2027 a možnými důsledky pro kohezní politiku.
19.02.2019 | Jakub Eberle
From Prague Spring to 2019: Years of Change in Europe
Jakub Eberle participated at an event organised by the Heinrich Boell Foundation Brussels. He spoke at a panel that aimed to take stock of the situation in the Visegrad countries 30 years after 1989 and just before the European elections.
19.02.2019 | Tamás Lattmann
The System of Operation of International Criminal Justice Fora, in Particular of the International Criminal Court
Tamás Lattmann in his chapter titled "The System of Operation of International Criminal Justice Fora, in Particular of the International Criminal Court – will the Future be Governed by Politics, Orders or Law?" provides an overview of the legal-historical-political foundations and developments leading to the creation of the International Criminal Court in its current form, and of its operation of the first one and a half decade.
19.02.2019 | Lukáš Tichý
Energy infrastructure as a target of terrorist attacks from the IS
Attacks on energy sectors and transport infrastructure are an important part of the strategy of Islamist militant and terrorist organizations, such as Al Qaeda and its offshoots or the Taliban. The article by Lukáš Tichý focuses on the attitude of the global Salafi-jihadist Islamist terrorist and militant group the Islamic State (IS) toward terrorism specifically targeting transport infrastructure and energy sectors, since it makes use of such terrorism as a political instrument of its strategy in the Middle East.
30.01.2019 |
Souhrnná výzkumná zpráva za rok 2018 vypracovaná v rámci projektu TA ČR ÉTA TL01000432
Tato souhrnná výzkumná zpráva je výsledkem aplikovaného výzkumu Ústavu mezinárodních vztahů, v.v.i., pro Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí České republiky (MZV) v rámci projektu TA ČR ÉTA TL01000432: Migrace z oblasti Blízkého východu, subsaharské Afriky a Asie: geopolitické a bezpečnostní souvislosti, důsledky a doporučení pro ČR.
Hybrid Warriors: Transforming Czech Security through the ‘Russian Hybrid Warfare’ Assemblage
Czech Sociological Review published an article authored by Jan Daniel and Jakub Eberle that analyses the transformations in the understanding of the Czech national security due to the emergence of the notion of "Russian hybrid warfare".
29.01.2019 | Miroslav Tůma
Is There a Threat of a Repeated Deployment of Nuclear "Eurorockets" from the Cold War Period in Europe?
This Policy Brief by Miroslav Tůma, Senior Researcher at our Institute, offers an interesting insight into a problematic topic of the nuclear threat between powerful countries and what would it mean if the American-Soviet INF Treaty was terminated.
25.01.2019 |
The end of democracy in the EU?
Has the Eurozone Crisis really substantially increased the EU´s democratic deficit as many claim? Or has the European Union´s functioning improved after the crisis? Our Senior Researcher Petr Kratochvíl and Zdeněk Sychra from Masaryk University Brno shed new light on the controversial institutional changes in the EU in the aftermath of the crisis and its new policies, but also on the public perceptions of the EU.
16.01.2019 |
The very first English issue of Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations!
The final 2018 issue of Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations (4/2018) is also the very first one containing exclusively English articles. Our journal aims to strengthen the Czech voice in the global academic arena and provide excellent international researchers access to our readership in the Czech Republic and other countries.
15.01.2019 | Petr Kratochvíl
A Cordon Populiste from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea
In his commentary "A Cordon Populiste from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea: Is a New Populist Alliance Emerging in the EU?", Petr Kratochvíl discusses the rise of populist-led governments across Europe. The paper was published by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

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