31.10.2018 | Rudolf Fürst
25.10.2018 | Jan Daniel
Navigating Hybrid Political Order: UNIFIL II in South Lebanon
Jan Daniel in his chapter in a report from the annual ASPR „State of Peacebuilding“ conference provides a case study on how UN peacebuilding mandates are being implemented to fit realities on the ground. Focusing on the example of UNIFIL peacekeeping mission, he outlines several practices which help the mission to stay accepted in the region and navigate complex local political and social realities.
25.10.2018 | Veronika Bílková
Foreign Terrorist Fighters and International Law
The phenomenon of foreign fighting is not new. On the other hand, the article by Veronika Bílková is. Read more about her piece in the Groningen Journal of International Law.
23.10.2018 | Lukáš Tichý
The IS and Attacks on the Oil and Gas Sector in Iraq
Head of the Centre for Energy Policy is author of article published by the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies focusing on the attitude of the global Islamist terrorist group the Islamic State (IS) with regard to terrorism, specifically targeting oil and gas sectors as a political instrument of its strategy in the Middle East and North Africa.
05.10.2018 | Matúš Halás
Academic Article: Balancing against Threats
If you find some more mathematics desperately needed in the Czech social sciences, take a look at the recent article by our colleague and Head of the Centre for European Security, Matus Halas, in journal Advances in Complex Systems. The most surprising result of his simulations of the international relations system is a victory of balancing against threats strategy originally proposed by Stephen Walt. Players using this strategy won the Prisoner’s Dilemma tournament in a highly competitive environment even without being too generous as regards cooperation with others. However, they managed to maintain good relations with a tiny group of pre-selected actors---guardians of cooperation. Read more in the article "Balancing against Threats in Interactions Determined by Distance and Overall Gains".
27.09.2018 |
Veronika Bílková as a new Secretary General of the ESIL
Veronika Bílková, the head of the Centre for International Law, was appointed the new Secretary General of the European Society of International Law (ESIL) during the 14th annual conference of the ESIL, held in Manchester, UK, on 13-15 September 2018. It is the first time that this position is held by a person based in the CEE region. Congratulations!
24.09.2018 |
New publication - Czech Foreign Policy in 2017: Analysis
The IIR and Dr Alica Kizeková, Editor and Programme Chair of the 10th International Symposium, are proud to present the publication "Czech Foreign Policy in 2017: Analysis" which was presented at the 10th International Symposium "Czech Foreign Policy" - Rethinking the Future.
03.09.2018 | Petr Boháček
The IIR Welcomes New Associate Researcher Petr Boháček!
The research team of the Institute of International Relations welcomes new associate researcher Petr Boháček. He specializes in space policy, Transatlantic relations, US policy and European security.
27.08.2018 |
Ruth Ferrero-Turrión, Our New Think Visegrad Fellow
The Institute of International Relations Prague has a new visiting fellow, Ruth Ferrero-Turrión, thanks to the Think Visegrad Platform and its fellowship programme!
15.08.2018 | Vladimír Handl
Special Issue of German Politics
The IIR Associate Researcher Vladimír Handl, along with Patricia Daehnhardt, is a co-editor of the Special Issue of German Politics titled “Germany´s Eastern Challenge: A ‘New Ostpolitik’ in the Making?” (Vol. 27, No. 4, 2018).

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