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10.02.2017 | Benjamin Tallis
The Prague Agenda in a Post-Truth World
This guest contribution from Heather Wokusch, a writer, educator, and activist based in Vienna, Austria, recounts the discussion at the 6th Prague Agenda Conference in early December 2016, and the somber mood of the event. Wokush quotes also Benjamin Tallis, one of the conference organizers from our Institute of International Relations Prague.
09.02.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Russia's hybrid war against the West
"War has changed in the 21st century and combat is not always kinetic. Russia’s battlefields are the internet, financial markets and television airwaves. The goal is not necessarily to take and hold territory but to expand Russia’s sphere of influence and achieve political goals. This is hybrid warfare, or gibridnaya voina," topic of Mark Galeotti's appearance on War College by Reuters.
03.02.2017 | Jan Kovář
Visegrad on Trump: Anxious but optimistic
Depending on which country you ask, in Central Europe, the new US government is either a source of unease in matters concerning Moscow or, in the case of Hungary, newfound confidence. Jan Kovář was among the experts asked by EurActiv, Brussels, to provide their opinion.
31.01.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Treason Through the FSB Looking Glass
"Why 'espionage' arrests at the heart of Russia’s security services are not all that they seem," that is what Mark Galeotti tries to explain in his newest piece in The Moscow Times.
31.01.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Moscow's Balkan Mischief
The volatile Balkans are again turning into a trouble spot. This time around, the hand of Moscow is busy stirring the pot and so Mark Galeotti, the internationally recognized expert on Russia, was one of the experts commenting on this situation on the Power Vertical Podcast of the RFE/RL.
24.01.2017 | Mark Galeotti
The Spies Who Love Putin
Mark Galeotti analyses for The Atlantic "How the FSB's loyalty to Russia's president made it the country's most powerful intelligence agency".
23.01.2017 | Mark Galeotti
A New World Order?
Mark Galeotti was among the guests of RFE/RL commenting on U.S.-Russian relations in the age of Trump and the future of the liberal international order.
20.01.2017 | Mark Galeotti
A Trump-Putin summit? Bring it on.
Mark Galeotti in his report for ECFR discusses relation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
20.01.2017 | Tomáš Profant
Ideology and professionalism in SME
"The third most-read newspaper in Slovakia seems to suffer from a bad case of ideological bias," writes Tomáš Profant in his comment for Political Critique.
18.01.2017 | Petr Kratochvíl
At least security-wise, Trump’s presidency will consolidate the EU
Just days before his inauguration, US president elect Donald Trump has kicked up a storm in Europe with remarks about NATO and the EU made in a joint interview with The Times and the German newspaper Bild. Mr. Trump said NATO had become “obsolete” and the European Union was “a vehicle for Germany” predicting that more EU member states would vote to leave the bloc as Britain did last June. Daniela Lazarová spoke to Petr Kratochvíl for his take on the US president elect’s words.

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