31.05.2018 | Jakub Eberle
Desire as Geopolitics: Reading The Glass Room as Central European Fantasy
Jakub Eberle's article was published by the prestigious academic journal International Political Sociology. It focuses on the affective dimension of the tension between the Central European aspiration for a Western identity and the failure to achieve it.
24.05.2018 | Mark Galeotti
Moscow’s Gold: Russian Corruption in the UK
Mark Galeotti is quoted regarding Russian corruption in the UK in report from the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs.
22.05.2018 |
Dr. Ditrych has been appointed as the new director of the IIR
Dr. Ondřej Ditrych has been appointed as the new director of the Institute of International Relations, Prague, a leading public research institution founded in 1957.
16.05.2018 |
ECOSOC Preparatory Meeting March 26 - 27, Prague
The Institute of International Relations is outstandingly pleased to have co-hosted the ECOSOC Preparatory Meeting which took place in Prague on 26th March 2018. It forms part of the special initiative of the Czech ECOSOC presidency on sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies through participation of all, an initiative which will contributes to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This meeting provided the participants with a platform to share best practices on participation and concrete examples of policy action, as well as to discuss the impact of the involvement of civil society and other non-state actors in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
10.05.2018 |
New exhibition at IIR
Freedom of speech and its limits, security and extremism, active citizenship, political responsibility, tolerance and social issues. Is Arab society facing the similar challenges like the Czech one? And is their perception so different from ours?
07.05.2018 |
ČZP v roce 2016: Analýza ÚMV
Jak se vyrovnala česká zahraniční politika s rozvířeným zahraničním prostředím, které bylo charakteristické pro rok 2016? Jací aktéři a jakým způsobem vstoupili do formulace české zahraniční politiky? Jak lze zpětně hodnotit nové impulzy, které vláda Bohuslava Sobotky vnesla do své zahraniční politiky? Počínala si Česká republika aktivně, pasivně, konfliktně či kooperačně? Nebo byla jen černým pasažérem ve vleku jiných zemí? Kolektiv autorů ÚMV a dalších spolupracujících institucí poskytuje odpovědi na tyto a mnoho dalších otázek v desáté pravidelné monografické analýze české zahraniční politiky, kterou ÚMV zpracovává již od roku 2007.
Radical Right in Post-Soviet Ukraine
Melanie G. Mierzejewski, our Associate Researcher, is author of the chapter focusing on "Radical Right in Post-Soviet Ukraine" in the prestigious Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right.
27.04.2018 |
CfP: New Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis of the Central European States
 Want to dig deeper into the study of Central Europe? Join us for a foreign policy workshop where we unpack the study of the Czech Republic, V4 and more.
24.04.2018 |
Job Vacancy: Researcher/Senior Researcher at The Centre for Gender and Global Justice
The Institute of International Relations is announcing a job vacancy for the position of Researcher/Senior Researcher at the Centre for Gender and Global Justice.
20.04.2018 | Tomáš Profant
The Social Construction of Slovakia as a Donor and its Power Effects
New article by Tomáš Profant in Europe-Asia Studies (journal with impact factor) shows the power effects of Slovak development cooperation discourses. It focuses on how the Slovak population is constructed as ‘willing to help’, and the effects of this construction on the legitimation of the current regime and on the construction of the Slovak identity as developed. The article further shows the unequal relationship between ‘old’ and ‘new’ donors, how transition experience enables this relationship, and the power effects of the discourse of donor effectiveness in Slovakia.

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