September issue of the Czech Journal of International Relations is out!

Dear readers this time you can enjoy our journal in Czech. We present two research articles focusing on the use of religion as a foreign policy tool by Russia and Saudi Arabia, a review article examining the scientific legacy of the Arab spring, and three reviews of recently published titles.

We wish you pleasant reading!

The first research article The Russian Orthodox Church and the Protection of Christians as a Direction of Russia's Foreign Policy authored by Maria Avanesova builds on the position of the Russian Orthodox Church as a significant actor in Russia’s social and political relations over the post-Soviet period. The paper, based mainly on an analysis of primary sources, such as state and Church documents, aims to identify why and when the protection of Christians started to interest the post-Soviet Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian state.

The second research article, written by Daniel Svoboda, is titled Spreading of Salafism in Africa: Mechanisms, Strategies, and Tools of Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy. It helps to uncover the intricacies of Saudi foreign policy and the role that religion plays in it. Saudi Arabia's position in the world is still growing, and one of the main areas for spreading its influence is Africa. The article presents an analysis of five selected African countries and their relations with Saudi Arabia, which is set in the deeper context of the role of religion in the state's foreign policy.

The review article, A Decade After: The Scientific Legacy of the Arab Spring written by Jaroslav Weinfurter, outlines some of the key changes and advancements in social theory and research methodology that were triggered during the period of scientific self-reflection after the events of the so-called Arab Spring. These changes represent a welcome corrective detour to the established progressions of scientific development, especially so with regard to the existing and prolonged issues surrounding interdisciplinary research that have historically plagued the research in Middle Eastern politics and for which new possibilities of resolutions are hereby open.

The new book reviews in this issue are:

Jumana Bayeh and Olga Oleinikova (eds.): Democracy, Diaspora, Territory: Europe and Cross-Border Politics (review written by Veronika Andrle)

Bill Gertz: Deceiving The Sky: Inside Communist Chinaʼs Drive for Global Supremacy (review written by Jan Železný)


Petr Sedláček: Zapojení České republiky do mezinárodního úsilí o posílení globální měnové a finanční stability (review written by Stanislav Šaroch)