Electronic Sources

General Information

The library provides reades with:

  • 6 databases
  • 24 journals available on-line


EBSCO (database)

  • Type: full text.
    Contents: EBSCO allows for the EBSCO host online access to 10 databases comprising more than 3 300 titles of special journals, newspapers and items of news from commercial agencies, and more than 1300 publications of a handbook type with full texts from the area of humanities, social sciences and medicine.

    Academic Search Premier
    - One of the biggest scientific multidisciplinary full text databases developed especially for academic institutions. It contains a number of reviewed journals which aren't available in any other similar database. In total, the database contains more than 8.000 titles from which more than 4500 are full text ones.
  • Area: humanities and social science, education, computer science, technique, linguistic, fine art and literature, medicine or ethnology.

    Business Source Complete - Various types of different documents - journals, financial date, books, conference papers, case studies. Contains over 4 000 journal titles (more than 3 000 in full text) and 25 000 monographies.
  • Area: business, trade
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Research databases


JSTOR (database)

  • Type: full text.
  • Contents: JSTOR represents an on-line database comprising digitized full texts from more than 250 scientific journals. All journals are fully digitized from the first issue of the first volume until the "moving wall" of three or five years ago. The IIR has subscribed the access to the collections of the Arts & Sciences I and Arts & Sciences II.
  • Arts & Sciences I
    It focuses on the first titles obtained by the JSTOR from the branch humanities and social science.
  • Arts & Sciences II
    It concentrates on history, economics, territorial and national studies (Asia, Africa, Central Europe...) and classical studies.
  • Area: humanities and social science, fine arts, mathematics, statistics et al.
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IREON (portal)

  • Characteristic: International Relations and Area Studies (Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde) portal is provided by the Fachinformationsverbund Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde. Together there are twelve institutions participating under the lead of Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin.
  • Contents: allows searching through following databases:

Worlds Affairs Online (FIV - IBLK) - 800.000 title records (articles, book chapters, journals, study reports, online publications) since 1974.
Database ECONIS (German National Library of Economics / Leibniz Information Centre for Economics) – over 5 million title records for business studies, economics and practice - oriented economic literature.
Library of the Fridrich Ebert Foundation – more than 600 000 title records for political and social topics, modern history of Germany and some other countries. 
GIZ Database LITDOK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) – 190 000 title records of articles, books, on-line publications and grey literature.
SciencePo – Part of Library Collections – chosen articles from English and German journals focused on international reltions.
Online Contents IBLK (Database OLC-SSG International Relations and Area Studies) – article references for 822 journals focusing on political science, economy, particular regions (e.g. Middle East).
WAO-Treaties (international treaties concerning secuirity issues) – references to full texts of 1 800 treaties signed since 1945.
Euro-Thesaurus (European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies) - a contorolled vocabulary focused on international relations, international security and area studies, contains over 8 200 terms available in 9 languages(English, French, Spain, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Croatian).

Web of Science

  • Type: bibliographical
  • Content: Web of Science Core Collection is an online academic service founded by Thomson Reuters company. These days the service is provided by company Clarivate Analytics. The Web of Science Core Collection offers access to 7 databases, which are: Science Citation Index (SCI), Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI), Index Chemicus, Current Chemical Reactions, Conference Proceedings Citation Index: Science a Conference Proceedings Citation Index: Social Science and Humanities. The content of this database comprises more than 10 000 of the most important magazines from all over the world, including Open Access kind of magazines. It also storages over 110 000 of conference contributions.
  • Content: Science - nature, social sciences, art and humanities starting with a year 1945.
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Periodicals with a purchased electronic version

International Security (since 1996)                                                                                       
Journal of Common Market Studies (1997-2016)
Journal of Contemporary China (2015)
Journal of Contemporary History (2000)
Journal of Development Studies (2005)
Journal of European Public Policy (2005-2016)
Journal of Peace Research (2000-2002)
Mediterranean Politics (2005-2011)
Middle East Policy (2006-2008, since 2016)
Millenium: Journal of International Studies (2012-2018)
Nikkei Asian Review (since 2019)
Politics & Gender (2019)
Review of International Studies (since 1997)
Security Dialogue (2006-2008)
Security Studies (2007-2008)
Strategic Comments (electronic version only, since 1998)
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism (2008-2011)
Survival (since 1997)
Terrorism and Political Violence (2008-2011)
Armed Conflict Survey (since 2015)
Military Balance (since 1997)
Strategic Survey (since 1997)