Library Collections


The collections of the IIR library contain more than 70.000 volumes of monographs, proceedings, yearbooks, materials from conferences, research and analytic studies of research institutes and international organizations.


The collections also include approx. 450 periodical titles (the most extensive sets of archived comprise more than 75 volumes - e.g. Keesing's Record of World Events (since 1931), Foreign Affairs (since 1934), Archiv der Gegenwart (since 1936)

Full texts of some foreign journals are also available online in the reading room (see Periodicals with a purchased electronic version).

Bibliographic records and full texts of articles can also be retrieved within external databases.

Subscribed journals with links to their websites and archiving time are avaible in the list of subscribed journals.


Documentation activities focus on:

  • Czech foreign policy towards states of Central and Eastern Europe, the EU, NATO and UN
  • problems of European integration, European security, international crisis and conflicts
  • problems of globalization, migration and minority issues
  • library databases contains 18 500 records of periodical articles and documents (mainly in English, Czech and German)

Reference library

  • contains basic reference literature, encyclopedias, special and language dictionaries
  • is divided into several divisions by themes
  • articles and references of monographs of researchers of IIR published in current year are available there

IIR publications

  • the collections contain all of the IIR's books and documents
  • the IIR publishes 3 journals: Mezinarodni politika, Mezinarodni vztahy and Perspectives

Stock book

  • the stockbook is available in electronic form on the library internet website
  • the exhibition of new books in the reading room is updated every 14 days
  • a selection of new publications of the IIR's library is published in the journal Mezinarodni politika (title of article: Vyber z novinek knihovny UMV) containing and overview of titles published in Central and Eastern Europe or focusing on this area


  • annotations of selected new foreign titles of the library's collection are published in the journal Mezinarodni vztahy