Organisation Structure

Organization Structure of the Institute of International Relations

Management of the Institute of International Relations

Director : Ondřej Ditrych

The Director is the statutory representative of the IIR. S/he is appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic based on the proposal of the IIR Board.

Research Director: Emil Aslan

Services Director: Jiří Mach

Research Department

Research Director: Emil Aslan

The RD concentrates on the main activity of the IIR and therefore has the highest nuber of employees. More about research at the IIR can be found in section Research, the current list of researchers with links to their CVs can be found in section People.

Department for Services

Services Director: Jiří Mach

Subordinated to the Department for Services are

  • the Secretariat
  • Public Relations and Conference Service
  • Publishing Department
  • Library
  • Accountancy
  • Legal services
  • Operational matters
  • IT

PR and Conference Service:


Publishing Department

Manager: Vladimír Trojánek

The PD is in charge of production of both periodical and non-periodical publications of the Institute, as well as their distribution. It carries out editing, corrections, graphic processing and all other preparations before the actual printing of publications.

  • More about IIR periodicals
  • More about books published by the IIR
  • More about other IIR publications

Sales/Distribution: Hana Blažková


Manager: Eva Husáková

The library provides the IIR with access to information resources such as books, journals, newspapers, but also databases of articles, etc. At the same time, it archives the results of IIR research and publication activities. The Institute's library is open to public and, in the context of Czech Republic, forms a unique source of information about the topic of international relations.