Support to frontier research on the borders of International Relations and other disciplines

The project fulfills the Concept of Development of IIR 2018-2022 and contributes to the creation of excellent and innovative research on the border of international relations and other fields of social sciences and humanities, namely environmental and media studies, religion, anthropology, linguistics and art history. It supports the mobility of senior and junior researchers to the world's leading partner workplaces, thus strengthening the competitiveness and internationalization of Czech research in international relations.

Related centres

Centre for European Politics

The Centre for European Politics (CEP) studies the processes, institutions and actors of European politics with a special emphasis on security issues and European Integration. We understand European politics as a complex and differentiated field in which interests of transnational institutions, corporations, states, regions and a plethora of non-state actors meet and clash with each other. We study these interactions from an interdisciplinary point of view that combines traditional approaches of European studies, security studies, political science and international relations while incorporating broader historical, social and cultural contexts.

Centre for Global Political Economy

The Centre for Global Political Economy studies the mutual entanglement of political and economic power in international relations, the understanding of which is crucial for strategic decision-making of both state and non-state actors in the contemporary globalized world. The centre thus explores the multilevel governance of various global regulatory regimes, and changing production and financial flows, including developmental aid and energy relations. Moreover, we decipher the resultant socioeconomic inequalities and power asymmetries inherent to them among and in the varieties of world regions, national economies, social groups, and also gender relations.

Centre for the Study of Global Regions

The Centre for the Study of Global Regions (CSGR) consists of two research units: Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the Asia Pacific (AP). While focusing primarily on their own area and issue specialization, the CSGR researchers study actors, institutions, and processes impacting regional politics, states, societies and communities. The Centre’s researchers do not subscribe to a single disciplinary tradition. Instead, they employ theories and methods developed within Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, Political Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies and related disciplines. This allows research projects carried out at the CSGR to explore different levels of regional politics, ranging from the dynamics of domestic political arenas to complex entanglements of regional actors with global political and economic structures. As it is aware of its own positionality as a Prague-based institution, critical reflection of Czech and European debates on the Middle East and Asia is an indivisible part of the Centre’s research agenda.