Announcing the Winter Semester program of the IIR Critical Studies Seminar

Tomáš Dopita Výzkumný pracovník

Tomáš Dopita works as a researcher at the Centre for Global Political Economy. He studied international relations at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (Ph.D., Mgr.). In addition, he works as the editor-in-chief of the Czech Journal of International Relations, which is listed in the Web of Science database. In the past, he also worked at an equal opportunities department at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic (2012-2012), and cooperated with ProEquality Center at Open Society (2011-2012) and Gender Studies (2011-2012). His professional interests include security, European integration, understanding of statehood and nationhood in Southeast Europe, poststructuralist theory and methodology in IR, and gender equality and equal opportunities in development cooperation and foreign service.




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