European Security Spotlights

07.08.2015 | Jan Daniel
Responding to Sousse
New European Security Spotlight "Responding to Sousse: Tunisia Needs Sustainable Economic Development Not a Security Crackdown": It is time for the EU to support initiatives tackling the economic stagnation, unreformed security system and marginalization of peripheries that feed radicalism and violence.
29.04.2015 | Benjamin Tallis
EU Response to the Migration Crisis: Too Little, But Not Too Late
As it faces mounting criticism over its lacklustre response to the migration emergency in the Mediterranean, the EU needs a plan to address causes as well as symptoms of the crisis.
Offshoring Security: Protecting Migrants and the Schengen Zone
Externalising asylum processing accompanied by enhanced search and rescue efforts and border protection would benefit all concerned.
24.04.2015 | Jan Daniel
Libyan Civil War: Enabling Illicit Migration Flows, Threatening Libya’s Neighbors
Only by supporting a long-term political solution to the Libyan conflict can the EU address the migration crisis.
16.04.2015 | Benjamin Tallis
Security Tri-lemma: The UK’s Nuclear Deterrent
The controversy over the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent raises difficult questions about British – and European – security and international relations.
10.04.2015 | Benjamin Tallis
Ukrainian Mobility: An Opportunity Not a Threat to the EU
The EU should act on a proposal from MEPs to grant visa-free travel to Ukrainians to transform a lose-lose situation into a win-win.
Gesture Politics and the Symbolism of Compulsory Military Conscription
The Lithuanian Government sends signals to Russia and to its own public.
12.02.2015 | Benjamin Tallis
From Vicious to Virtuous: Transforming the Ukraine Crisis
The EU can create a lasting peace by sticking to its (lack of) guns.
12.02.2015 | Michal Šimečka
Syriza: A Greek Trojan Horse?
The leftist party’s links to Russia create risks for European security that are real, but manageable.
12.02.2015 | Jan Daniel
The Risks of (Anti-)Muslim Radicalism
Charlie Hebdo, Islamic Minorities and Political Violence in Central Europe

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