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The Disappearance of the Battlefield in the War on Terror

The Global War on Terror’s policy of targeted killing is transforming the character of war and undercutting the means to regulate it. (Antoine Bousquet)



G5 Sahel Joint Force: European Strategy: Should Go Beyond Counter-terrorism

On the 2 July 2017 the leaders of five Sahelian nations, joined by the French president Macron, officially inaugurated the new regional military operation. Mali  and  the  wider  Sahel  region  should  be  provided  with  more support, but is the new counter-terrorist force what is needed? (Jan Daniel).


Zapad 2017: How should the West respond?

Russia has always conducted military drills more numerous and larger in scale than NATO’s. Zapad 2017 will be held in September and is perceived as a potential threat to the security of the region, especially by the Baltic Republics, not least because both the invasion of Georgia and that of Ukraine were preceded by major military exercises. Is the threat credible, and is the fear of an opportunistically expansionist Russia justified in this context? (Nicolò Fasola)

Fortress Britain vs. Liberal Britain: Responding Effectively to Terrorism

"With troops on the streets after the Manchester attack, liberal Britain is threatened by harsh (and ineffective) responses to terror," writes Benjamin Tallis in the newest European Security Spotlight related to the possible British responses to the terrorist attack in Manchester. (Benjamin Tallis)


 A European Response to Russian Intelligence Activity

Intelligence is traditionally considered to be an additional source of data and insights to inform  policy makers. However, in recent years it has become increasingly clear that Russia’s spies have adopted – encouraged by the Kremlin – a much more aggressive and active role akin to  that assumed by intelligence agencies in time of war. Their considerable support for paramilitary groups, pro-russian political parties and efforts aiming to influence the electoral process- all these activities represent an imminent threat to all (not only) European countries. How they should react to this unprecedented challenge and thus protect themselves from having their hard-won democracy affected by russian interests? (Mark Galeotti)


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