Conference service

Public Relations and Conference Service is responsible for the presentation of activities and outputs of the IIR vis-a-vis the public.

 This includes mainly:

  • organizing scholarly and educational activities (conferences, seminars, expert discussions)
  • creating and managing the content of the IIR website
  • sending out electronic newsletters about IIR activities and

Throughout the year, PR and Conference Service organizes more than 60 conferences, lectures, seminars and roundtables, which are attended by both domestic and international experts on international relations, members of the Prague diplomatic corps, prominent political representatives and businesspeople, but also employees of ministries or students.

PR and Conference Service

  • Mr Jiří Mach (Manager, internship coordinator)
  • Ms Zdeňka Kyselová

Tel: 00420 251 108 213 
       00420 251 108 212     


The Conference Service of the IIR uses event management system from Eventival.