15/11/2018 This content is not up to date

A Czech Arctic strategy? No longer a crazy idea

The IIR is publishing a policy brief on the possible Czech Arctic strategy written by Mary Thompson-Jones, speaker of the 10th International Symposium: Czech Foreign Policy. 

The full Policy Brief is avaliable here.

Because of the climate change, the Arctic is becoming a profitable area for many countries. Despite seemingly no relation to this area, “the Czech republic, as a European mid-level power, and by virtue of its membership in both NATO and the EU” could be an important participant in the international debate. In this Brief, Mary Thompson-Jones proposes the future stance of Czech Republic towards Arctic. The Policy Brief was written as a part of International Symposium: Czech Foreign Policy. (Mary Thompson-Jones)

The full Policy Brief is avaliable here.

This project is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Prague through its Small Grants Program.