Anna Lindh Foundation

Founded in 2005, the ALF is now known as the largest "network of networks", bringing together 4,000 civil society organizations in the Euro-Mediterranean region. In the Czech Republic, it brings together more than 40 non-profit organizations, cultural associations, universities, youth organizations, language schools, and other entities. The Czech ALF network is based at the Institute of International Relations in Prague. 

Anyone can join the ALF network. Members have access to hundreds of organizations in whose projects and initiatives they can participate, or find partners for their projects. ALF also regularly announces its own grants and offers many opportunities to visit interesting educational events in the Mediterranean and Europe during the year. At the Czech level, ALF provides free training to its members every year; supports the promotion of members' events, offers the opportunity to participate in joint projects, and encourages the sharing of interesting exhibitions, educational materials, spaces for events, etc.

Membership is free and represents almost no administrative burden. Membership application is available at the link below.

The new Intercultural Dialogue Hub, which was set up by the ALF Secretariat not only for inspiration but also for sharing your positive experiences and good practices.

Coordinator of the Czech Network

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