Challenging “Wiedergutmachung”. The Slave Labor Negotiations of 1998–2001

Presentation of a new book by Andreas Mink

2. 5. 2013 (16:00)

This content is not up to date Institute of International Relations, Nerudova 3, Prague 1

In July 2000, Germany and German corporations agreed to pay out 10 billion marks to 1.7 million foreign nationals that had been enslaved and exploited by the Nazi government. The book is the first English language publication in the context of German "Wiedergutmachung".

Special Guest: Jiří Šitler, Chief Negotiator of the Czech Delegation to the Slave Labour Negotiations

Moderator: Mats Braun, Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations

Working language: English

More about the book Challenging “Wiedergutmachung”.

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