Critical Studies Seminar - Summer 2023

We invite all social and political science scholars to join our Critical Studies Seminar. You can look forward to the following lectures:

  • The Agency of Diaspora in Foreign Fighter Demobilization
    with Asya Metodieva (Prague) and Dženeta Karabegovíc (Salzburg)
    21.02.2023, 17:30
  • Depoliticization of the Israeli Infrastructure in the Occupied West Bank
    with Jakub Zahora (Prague)
    11.04.2023, 17:30
  • Waverer or Mediator? German perceptions of the role of Israel after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
    with Tereza Plíštilová (Prague)
    09.05.2023, 17:30
  • Science and information disorder
    with Dagmar Vorliček (Vienna) and Anne Roemer-Mahler (Sussex)
    06.06.2023, 17:30

The Critical Studies Seminar is held at the Institute of International Relations Prague in a small conference room. If interested, please, register at