Career and internships

Acquire practical and scientific experiences as a member of the Institute of International Relations. Interns in the IIR get an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and experiences in the field of International Relations and Public Relations. Find out, how top Czech public research institution works. Join the team as a Public Relations Event Assistant and help to organize conferences or try the research as a Research Assistant.

Internship forms

Public Relations and Event Assistant (PREA)

The PREA internship offers the development of a wide range of marketing, communication and organisational skills. Within this kind of internship, you will prepare social media posts, help with the organisation of conferences either directly at the IIR or at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, help with the PR agenda (communication with journalists, establishing partnerships), research (market research, grants), help out with research and editing of our magazine Mezinárodní Politika (International Politics), prepare documents for the website and generally support the activities of the conference and communication unit. The PREA internship will help you understand the work of a researcher, put you at the heart of current world events, and give you experience in event organisation, copywriting and the basics of working with graphic tools.

The PREA internship lasts 6 months. The scope of work is 15 hours per week and for most of the time, you can work from home; your schedule can be adjusted to fit your time availability to manage school and the internship. However, we appreciate office and venue attendance before and during international conferences.  
The internship is open to all students of international relations, political science, as well as marketing, media studies, etc.

The selection procedure for PREA interns takes place twice a year in January (for the March-August internship) and July (for the September-February internship).

Research Assistant

The main task of the Research Assistants is to support the activities of the IIR researcher, such as searching activity or proof-reading. Interns also participate in the preparation of reports from public events.
A personal mentor will be assigned to the intern and will accompany him/her throughout his/her internship.
The internship at the position of Research Assistant usually lasts for four months with the scope of work 15 hours per week, with the possibility of extension for another two months.

The selection process for the Research Assistant position is held three times a year, in January (for the June-September internship), May (for the October-January internship) and September (for the February-May internship).

How to apply for an IIR internship

1. Choose the form
You can find a description of the forms of our internships above. Select the one which better meet your expectations and choose when you want to start the internship.

2. Fill out the application
Fill out your name and basic information. Do not forget to check your e-mail address and telephone number so we can contact you.

3. Send
Send the application, your CV and a cover letter (in English) to the following e-mail address.

4. Who to contact?
If you are unsure about anything and need clarification, please email us at You can also send the application form and any attachments to the same address.  


How long is the internship in the IIR?
The PREA interns work in the IIR for 6 months. The RA internship takes 4 months with the possibility of an extension for another 2 months.

What are the working hours of an intern?
Interns are expected to work for 15 hours a week.

Can I work from home?
PREA can work mostly from home, but we expect a presence at most of our conferences. Research Assistants can work partially from home after an agreement with their mentor. 

When can I apply for the internship?
The selection procedure for the Research Assistant is held three times a year, in January, May and September. The selection procedure for PREA interns takes place twice a year in February and July.
Applications can be submitted in advance.

Can I complete a part of the internship from abroad?
For research assistants, it is possible to carry out a part of the internship outside of the Czech Republic. If your mentor considers foreign cooperation effective, the IIR will contact the foreign embassy. The travel costs may be reimbursed to the interns from targeted support projects if they are involved in their solution.

Do I get a reference letter after the end of my internship?
If the intern is assessed positively by his mentor, the intern will be issued a reference letter at the end of the internship according to a standard template.

Does the IIR provide a salary, scholarship or possibilities of accommodation?
The Institute does not provide any forms of financial reimbursement, or accommodation. Interns from Slovak (and other foreign) universities have the chance to be sent to the IIR by their university within the Erasmus+ programme.