06/02/2018 This content is not up to date

Journals of the Institute of International Relations are freely available to the public from now on

The Institute of International Relations is a public research institute which aims to support research in the area of international relations and to convey its results to the broadest possible audience, which would consist of both professionals in the IR field and the nonprofessional public. We not only serve the academic community and professionals, but we also strive to contribute to improving the level of education of the Czech society and its level of knowledge about international relations as well. We also believe that the society has the right to open access to the results of research funded by their taxes, and particularly, we would like to make the results of our research accessible to the broadest possible group of users and readers, whether they be researchers, diplomats, professionals or members of the broader public.

In accordance with our mission, we have decided to join the movement called Open Access and provide all of the contents, both old and new, of our scientific journals New Perspectives and Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations for free via the Internet. The articles are available under the licence Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (see https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/deed.en ).

Both journals will continue to be published in printed form as well. If you want to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of paper reading, or you would like to support the publication of New Perspectives and Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations with a subscription, you can still subscribe to the printed versions of both journals, or purchase them at our reception at Nerudova 3 in Prague or our e-shop (http://www.umv.cz/).

For the sake of completeness, we would like to mention again that not only our journals, but also our other publications are now freely available to both IR professionals and the nonprofessional public:

  • The journals New Perspectives and Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations are accessible online at the website http://perspectives.iir.cz/ and https://mv.iir.cz/.
  • Our books are accessible at Google Books (https://books.google.cz/). Our Czech language books are accessible online after an expiration period of one year, and our foreign language books are made available online after a two-year embargo.
  • Older issues of the journal Mezinárodní politika, which today we publish only online, are available as free downloads, but one can purchase physical issues of the journal in person in the building of the IIR.
  • All of our publications and 80.000 other books and documents are available in our library.

We wish that you will spend even more time with our publications in the future, regardless of where you might be and what your financial possibilities are.