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Mark Galeotti at the Warsaw Security Forum

Mark Galeotti appeared as 'VIP guest' and Speaker at plenary panel on 'Russia: Global Colossus with Feet of Clay?' during the Warsaw Security Forum. The Forum's mission is to enhance understanding of European and NATO security policy, which will be accomplished through dialogue between key policy makers and academics and the two day meeting in Warsaw hosted range of outstanding experts from around the world.

The Warsaw Security Forum addresses these issues through an international gathering of experts who specialize in security. Its purpose is to exchange professional experiences as well as to present solutions to complex regional security challenges confronting the Central and Eastern European region. The two day forum consisted of numerous plenary sessions dedicated to security issues, particularly those related to the future of NATO; the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, including relations with the Russian Federation; energy security; border states of NATO and the European Union; new threats; and security in the economic, military and politic dimensions. The WSF2016 took place between November 26th and 28th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Dr Mark Galeotti is the new IIR senior researcher as well as an internationally recognized expert on transnational organized crime, security issues and modern Russia.