Modernisation Unchallenged: The Czech Discourse on European Unity

ISBN: 978-80-86506-72-2, 152 pages, published: 2008


  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
    1. Discourse Analysis – the Dominating Approaches and their Shortcomings
    2. Approaching discourse – Grounded Theory and the Problem of Induction
  3. The Applied MethodThe Question of European Unity in the Czech Republic
    1. Developing Theoretical Proposals
    2. Elaboration of the Initial Proposals
    3. Modifying the Initial Proposals
    4. Summarising the Czech Central Story
  4. Is the Czech Discourse on Europe Unique?
    1. Is the Czech Republic a Typical Example of the Countries of the Fifth EU Enlargement?
    2. Comparing the Visgrád Countries
  5. Sweden – Modernisation and Identity
    1. Sweden’s Entrance into the EU – Outlining the Central Story
  6. Elaborating on the Meta-Narratives
    1. Three Ideal Types of the Sovereignty – Modernisation Nexus
    2. Modernisation, Sovereignty and the Legitimacy of Governance
    3. Implications for the Legitimacy Debate
  7. Conclusion
    1. Proposals for Further Research

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Modernisation Unchallenged: The Czech Discourse on European Unity

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