11/11/2016 This content is not up to date

New PP: The Use of Force Against the Islamic State

Veronika Bílková and Tamás Lattmann discuss in their newest policy paper whether the Islamic State indeed is a State, and if not, what its legal nature is. They also ask whether the use of force against the IS by countries other than Syria and Iraq is lawful under international law (jus ad bellum); what the nature of the armed conflict(s) in which the IS is involved is, which rules apply to it (them) and what the status of the IS fighters is (jus in bello). Finaly they try to analyze which crimes the IS has committed, and what the options for criminally prosecuting IS members for these crimes are. The authors will introduce the paper as well as their current research at a seminar held on 15 November from 17:00 at the IIR.