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New publication: Non-Western Reflection on Politics

Petr Drulák and Šárka Moravcová are editors of the new publication "Non-Western Reflection on Politics" financed by the project RESAREAS.

The “Non-Western Reflection on Politics” (ISBN 978-3-631-64354-9) printed in 2013 by the publisher Peter Lang – International Academic Publishers was financed by the project RESAREAS (Cooperation Network for Research of the Non-European Areas).

The Western understanding of the political world is based on such deeply ingrained concepts as power, politics, statecraft, cooperation, multilateralism, dependence, identity or human rights. The Westerners tend to wrongly assume that everyone else is bound to share these concepts. This book shows that the reality is different.


Petr Drulák: Introduction: For a Global Dialogue
Arlene B. Tickner: Core-Periphery Knowledge Exchange: The Case of Latin America
Francis B. Nyamnjoh: Politics of Back-Scratching in Cameroon and Beyond
Petr Kratochvíl: Islamic Democracy: A Contradiction in Terms?
Petr Drulák: Chinese Political Metaphysics: The Book of Changes
Šárka Moravcová: The Liberation Project: A Mexican Experience
Petr Skalník: Chieftaincy and Political Culture: The Case of Ghana
Miloš Mendel: Dar al-Islam, Dar al-Harb and Hijra: Classical Paradigms in Modern Arab World
Wang Fan: Chinese Traditional Culture and East Asian Security Cooperation
Miroslav Jurásek: Dependence Theory: Comparing Latin America and Africa
Zora Hesová: Human Rights and Islam: Constitutional Debates in Egypt and Tunisia
Michal Kolmaš: Multilateralism: United States and Japan
Šárka Moravcová: Conclusion: Between Traditionalism and Westernisation

More information about the book and a publicity flyer here.