Russia and the World: 2015 IMEMO Forecast

The Centre for European Security of the Institute of International Relations Prague had the pleasure of hosting scholars from IMEMO (The Russian Institute of World Economy and International Relations) who presented their institute’s annual forecast ‘Russia and the World’ for 2015. 

29. 1. 2015 (16:00)

This content is not up to date IIR, Nerudova 3, Prague 1

This presentation provided a unique opportunity to gain insight into the thinking and perspective of an established part of the Russian academic and policy community on issues of great importance for European security and international affairs more widely. The presentation - and the publication of an abridged, English-langauge version of the forecast in the English language journal of the IIR - are intended to allow the presentation of Russian scholarly work, with great policy relevance, to a wider audience. This dissemination does not equate to an endorsement, but rather is intended to provoke discussion and stimulate constructive debate between scholars in EU member states and their Russian counterparts. It is hoped that this mutual engagement will shed light on currently problematic issues and increase understanding of the different positions and potential trajectories that the current situation could take.

The Centre for European Security and IMEMO actively encourage critical engagement with the forecast and, along with the journal New Perspectives, will be providing fora for the expression of this critical engagement in the coming months.

  • Chair: Benjamin Tallis, Co-ordinator of the Centre for European Security of the IIR Prague
  • Boris Frumkin, IMEMO
  • Irina Kobrinskaya, IMEMO