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The European Union and the Catholic Church

The European Union and the Catholic Church by Tomáš Doležal and Petr Kratochvíl is the first comprehensive monograph to explore the political relations between the Catholic Church and the European Union. Building on the insights of political theology, it connects the analysis of the political interactions of these two institutions with their broader normative outlooks and the analysis of their ideational orders. This study contains both a concise overview of the historical evolution of the relationship and analysis of the politico-theological strategies the two institutions employ in their interactions, which range from mutual legitimisation to direct normative conflict. This book will be of significant interest to those who wish to familiarise themselves with the Catholic approach to the integration process and to those who are interested in the interactions of the European Union with religious organisations in general, and the Catholic Church in particular.

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The book was published with the prestigious Palgrave Macmillan Publishing House in July 2015 and is availalbe as Hardcover, Ebook (EPUB) or Ebook (PDF).