The Use of Force Against the Islamic State

The Institute of International Relations Prague and the Czech Society of International Law cordially invite you to the presentation with a subsequent discussion.

15. 11. 2016 (17:00)

This content is not up to date Institute of International Relations, Nerudova 3, Prague 1

  • Veronika Bílková, Senior Researcher and Co-ordinator of the Centre for International Law of the Institute of International Relations Prague
  • Tamás Lattmann, Senior Researcher, Institute of International Relations Prague
  • Petra Ditrichová, Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Veronika Bílková and Tamás Lattmann will present their policy paper "The Use of Force Against the Islamic State". The emergence of the so-called Islamic State (IS) has given rise to various legal questions. The policy paper considers some of them. It discusses:

1) whether the IS is a State, and if not, what its legal nature is;
2) whether the use of force against the IS by countries other than Syria and Iraq is lawful under international law (jus ad bellum);
3) what the nature of the armed conflict(s) in which the IS is involved is, which rules apply to it (them) and what the status of the IS fighters is (jus in bello);
4) which crimes the IS has committed, and what the options for criminally prosecuting IS members for these crimes are.

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The event follows Lukáš Tichý and Nikita Odintsov's presentation of their new project "Energetický terorismus a energetika jako nástroj teroristických organizací v oblasti MENA, dopady pro ČR“ (15:00 - 16:30). This event will be in Czech language.


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