30/01/2015 This content is not up to date

Timothy Snyder in Prague: No End of History, No End of Politics, but Limits to Critique?

We would like to bring to your attention Benjmain Tallis's Commentary on Timothy Snyder’s talk ‘Russia, Ukraine and the Central Significance of Civil Society’ (held at Charles University, Prague, on 27th January 2015). The article was praised by well known personalities such as Dr. Jonathan Eyal, Director of RUSI (The Royal United Services Institute) and Edward Lucas, senior editor at The Economist. Dr. Jonathan Eyal described it on twitter as “an excellent critique of Timothy Snyder’s views on Russia and Ukraine". The article will be also published by the Visegrad Insight on Monday, 2nd February.

You can find the article on Benjamin Tallis‘ s blog and later on the Visegrad Insight.